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Magnificent Muddy Marshes

I was wading chest deep in a pair of waders three sizes too big. I didn't mind; in the water they fit just fine. When the water is high and still coming into the salt marsh, the fishing is a bit better and it passed the time until the tide was low enough for me to explore the inhabitants below my feet....more>

Real Estate Recovery Continues

Sometimes real estate brokers let their natural exuberance overstate market conditions, but this time around no sugar coating is necessary -- the numbers don't lie....more>

Dems "Blueprint" For Governing

They have a good understanding of how government works and how to make it work better. That's how Larry Cantwell, the unopposed candidate for East Hampton Town Supervisor feels about his running mates on the Democratic ticket Job Potter and Kathie Burke-Gonzalez....more>

CPF: Preserving Community Character?

After 15 years in place, a specific fund within the town's budget may be getting tighter policies around it. The Community Preservation Fund, designed in 1998 to protect land used for historic preservation, parks and recreation, open space and agriculture, "has some policy issues....more>

Eden Abused In East Hampton

Dell Cullum has been going to the Nature Trail in East Hampton since he was a child. A professional wildlife photographer, he's taken pictures of animals all over the country, but returns to capture the bucolic scenes in his homeland and especially at the trail, which he calls "The Eden of East Hampton....more>
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