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Surprise! Ospreys Take HCBL Title

It was a topsy-turvy season. One by one, the teams moved into first place, stamping themselves as title contenders. When the smoke cleared after the final game, there was one team left standing in the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League the North Fork Ospreys....more>

Southampton Finances Do A 180

By Emily Toy Southampton Town has cleaned up its act . . . at least with its finances, that is. Last week Standard & Poors (S&P) upgraded Southampton Town's credit rating from AA to AA+, ultimately affirming the strong financial management of the town over recent years....more>

The Letter And The Law

By Kitty Merrill Summer nights of neighborhoods beset by noisy crowds partying outside area clubs could be circling the drain, if officials in East Hampton Town enforce a little known law that recently came to the fore....more>

Zero-Based Budget For LTV

By Kitty Merrill Looking for consistency, town lawmakers this week ratified an agreement that would require the local public access station LTV to mirror the zero-based budgeting philosophy East Hampton Town departments must....more>

Pantry Feeds Thousands Each Year

By Kitty Merrill Not everybody in The Hamptons is rich, or even middle class. Lots are hungry. When Gaby Scarpaci meets summer people in East Hampton and talks to them about the volume of clients served by area food pantries, the executive director of the East Hampton Food Pantry said "shock" is the typical response....more>

Stricter Fines May Save Fido

All our furry friends out there may be getting some extra protection from the New York State Assembly. Assemblyman Fred Thiele introduced legislation on Monday increasing the penalties for confining a companion animal in a vehicle during times of extreme hot or cold temperatures....more>

Albany Passes Foreclosure Reform

Slowly but surely New York State, like the federal government, is beginning to rein in the banking giants who have abused consumers for decades. The latest move affords a modicum of relief to homeowners facing foreclosure....more>

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Stargazers will have myriad opportunities to make their wishes this weekend, as the Perseids meteor showers reach their peak. Named for the constellation the so-called shooting stars appear to fall from, these annual August wonders seem to radiate from Perseus, which was named after a Greek mythological hero....more>
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