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New Fund May Fix Blight

Newly formulated plans for a blight mitigation fund in Southampton Town could solve lots of problems for its more modest hamlets. Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst is planning to create a blight mitigation fund that would be used to pay for clean ups of town-owned properties, particularly areas in Flanders, Riverside and Northampton, where garbage dumping plagues the region....more>

Crafty For Christmas . . . With Clams

Her kids think it's a little goofy . . . until the Christmas noose begins to tighten and they need a few for last minute gifts. "I'm always doing stuff like this," said Patty Collins Sales, sitting elbow deep in jars of paint and clam shells, at the table in the cozy kitchen in the house where she grew up on Cove Hollow Road in East Hampton....more>

Disabled Woman, 87, Faces Eviction

An 87-year old partially disabled woman and her daughter are being forced out of their home in Hampton Bays by Suffolk County to make room for homeless people....more>

Bias In A Bias Free Zone?

Southampton Town officials made a big show of declaring town hall a "Bias Free" zone a few years back. But for a group of local-churchgoers, it proved to be anything but....more>

'In Solidarity With Them'

Kathy Byrnes's son is seven years old. When she heard of the horrific events last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut, her heart bled, like the hearts of parents across the world....more>

Area Schools Cope With Newtown, CT. Tragedy

There are no words. Over and over last weekend, the sentence was repeated -- by community members in Newtown, Connecticut, by parents whose children escaped Sandy Hook Elementary School where the massacre took place last Friday, by newscasters themselves as they covered the tragedy, by President Barack Obama, as he tried to comfort a shattered citizenry....more>
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