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Hit And Run Case Continues

By Kitty Merrill Private security cameras and forensic analysis of evidence collected at the scene may provide the information East Hampton Town Police need to capture the hit and run driver who killed John Judge, 61, last week....more>

Bridget Fleming Versus Ken LaValle

The Independent Endorses . . .

Senator Ken LaValle has represented this district in Albany for 36 years. No one can deny he knows his way around and has achieved a level of power there....more>

President Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney

The Independent Endorses . . .

The Independent is wrongly perceived to be a Republican newspaper because our majority owner, Jerry Della Femina, is a nationally known ardent Republican and he frequently espouses his views in his column, Jerry's Ink....more>

Tim Bishop Versus Randy Altschuler

The Independent Endorses . . .

We believed Congressman Tim Bishop to be an honest, hard working public servant, and endorsed him three straight times. We wanted very much to believe he was an environmentalist, a tireless worker, someone who would deliver for his constituents here on the East End....more>
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