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Ho-Ho-Ho! For the Boaters You Love, and It's No Laughing Matter

With Thanksgiving behind us now, and Chanukah and Christmas around the corner, it is a good time for all those who stand a watch and wait for the return of those that went to sea to think about being the "safety officer" before they go! And, skipper, how about the love you have for those that go to sea with you kids, grandkids and mates and creating the safest environment aboard that is feasible or possible? From the Heart to the Head There is no doubt that even the most grizzled seafarer can benefit from a boating safety class....more>

Boat Insurance Friend or Foe? An Update

When I first wrote about this subject (see The Independent, "Boat Insurance Friend or Foe?", 2/28/07), I received some good feedback. But Hurricane Sandy's effects remind us that it might be a good idea to review some of these issues....more>
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