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May 24, 2017

Summer Dreams

Memorial Day weekend nowadays signals the beginning of the inevitable Super Summer Season, wherein clubs, restaurants, grouper houses, ritzy name brand stores, and real estate agencies embrace a frenzy that is basically self-invented in the hope it will be self-serving....more>
May 17, 2017


We have finally finished watching all of the Oscar nominated films. And the envelope please . . . Manchester By The Sea, La La Land, Fences, Lion were all good, but in my opinion it was a poor year for movies....more>
May 10, 2017

Got Ants?

We do. On the kitchen counters, no less. This freaks Karen out to no end. Since I grew up in a 200 year-old house in Sag Harbor ants don't faze me much....more>
May 03, 2017


I am not a handy man. As I see it, as a scholar I felt it was more important to enrich my mind than to learn how to fix things. This was the great lie second generation Americans lived by....more>
April 26, 2017


No, he's not dead. Normally when I write something nice about someone, that's the reason. No, Jerry Della Femina is alive and well and you can find his column in this newspaper like always....more>
April 19, 2017


A buttered roll. It's what's for breakfast. Even though I've seen it in many cities, having a buttered roll for breakfast is a New York thing, like a bagel with cream cheese....more>
April 12, 2017

Playing Dress Up

"I like when you dress up in your little costume," Karen said. That hurt. Costumes are for thespians, and I'm 100 percent guy. I was stunned and more than a little annoyed....more>
April 05, 2017

If You Wanna Go To Heaven . . .

Who among us doesn't want to go to heaven? From what we've seen of it, people lay around on clouds, dressed in white nightgowns and eating fruit. The clouds are plush and comfy, at least 450-thread count....more>
March 29, 2017

Johnny Be Goode

I'm not one for eulogies but the fascinating life of the great Chuck Berry deserves as much ink as it can get. I did get my five minutes with him. He actually played in Sag Harbor, at Bay Street Theater, sometime in the late-eighties if memory serves....more>
March 22, 2017

Trump On Trump

Continuing a tradition that started decades ago, The Independent is proud to have an exclusive interview with the President of the United States. Indy: We are honored to have you here with us today, Mr....more>
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