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July 19, 2017

A Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

People don't give me enough credit but I'll have you know that back in the day I was considered a snappy dresser, back before "Grateful Dead chic" became a fashion statement....more>
July 12, 2017

Fifty Years Of Screw

My wife Karen is an avid reader, and not only does she pore over recent releases, she often returns to the classics and re-reads the ones she loves the most....more>
July 05, 2017

Beg my (plenary) Indulgence

There is a certain smugness those of us who went to Catholic school carry deep within our soul. It is the belief that we will go to heaven. No matter what....more>
June 28, 2017

Helicopters Cause Lyme Disease

Here is a hint: Never, never look up a disease you think you might have in a medical dictionary. Karen does this constantly, and all it does is make her worry more....more>
June 21, 2017

The Celebrity Column

I'm not a gawker. I never approach a celebrity to make small talk, even though in my business I probably should. I feel people who live here, like Aspen or Malibu, realize a lot of celebrities call the place home and they probably want to go about their day-to-day affairs in peace....more>
June 14, 2017

Got Milk?

I actually use almond "milk." Reluctantly. I put it in my oatmeal. Let me point out that I feel about oatmeal the same as I do about almond milk: I don't like the looks of it but my wife makes me eat it because it is supposedly good for me....more>
June 07, 2017

Manning The Grill

Yes, I do still barbecue, at least on Memorial Day. I like hanging around the grill, a cold one in hand, supervising the proceedings like a drill sergeant at boot camp....more>
May 24, 2017

Summer Dreams

Memorial Day weekend nowadays signals the beginning of the inevitable Super Summer Season, wherein clubs, restaurants, grouper houses, ritzy name brand stores, and real estate agencies embrace a frenzy that is basically self-invented in the hope it will be self-serving....more>
May 17, 2017


We have finally finished watching all of the Oscar nominated films. And the envelope please . . . Manchester By The Sea, La La Land, Fences, Lion were all good, but in my opinion it was a poor year for movies....more>
May 10, 2017

Got Ants?

We do. On the kitchen counters, no less. This freaks Karen out to no end. Since I grew up in a 200 year-old house in Sag Harbor ants don't faze me much....more>
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