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Marjorie E. Lawson

Died: Sunday, September 24, 2006
Age: 87
Marjorie E. Lawson died of natural causes on September 24.

As a graduate of NYU who spent most of her professional life copy editing for Look Magazine, Mrs. Lawson was brilliant and complicated, thoughtful and stylish, always ready to laugh when inspiration struck. Her love of words and strong opinions brought purpose to everyday conversations. An early September day was never just beautiful, it bathed the senses in summerís end. A personís deeds were not merely bad; they were dastardly. A first thought of Marjorie brings to mind her fierce independence and outspoken politics, but mostly, she was a lady whose door was always open and who was ever interesting and interested at once.

Marjorie Elizabeth was born on April 3, 1919 to Frances and William Lent in Brooklyn, the second of two daughters. Raised in Rockville Center, she attended St. Agnes Academic School with her sister Francis, after which she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on her passion for literature.

In 1967, with a prolific editorial career established, Marjorie married a long time friend of the family, George Lawson, and the couple moved to North Haven, where George would serve a term as Mayor and Marjorie served as Inspector of Elections from 1981 to 1982. After Georgeís death in 1985, Marjorie lived the next 21 years in the home they made together in Bay Haven. This is also where Marjorie died taking her last breath from the breeze off Fresh Pond. Marjorie Lawson led by example to savor a life full of friendship, learning and the gifts of nature . . . all the things she treasured most.

She is survived by her nephew, Kevin Teague, niece, Laurel Anne Teague, and all the friends and neighbors lucky enough to have known her. Final words were spoken last Wednesday at noon at the Yardley and Pino Funeral Home followed immediately by burial at Oakland Cemetery and a reception at the Lawson House.
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