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Throw ‘em Out?

Dear Editor,


I have to congratulate the Democrats for taking responsibility for the next two years for the American economy that is in The Great Depression (John Kerry 2004) and for Bush's War that the Democrats voted into law (The Iraqi Liberation Act, H.R. 4655 passed unanimously by the U.S. Senate and signed into law by Bill Clinton October 31, 1998) while George W. Bush was the governor of Texas.

The act, in case we have forgotten, called for the support and defending of the Iraqi opposition and for "regime change." That is, until the Democrat's war was waged by the Republican president — then all of a sudden, history was revised to suit residents living in The Twilight Zone and East Hampton.

Therefore, the response of the American voter for the unforgivable results of the Bush Presidency is understandable. Highest GDP, lowest unemployment, no inflation, highest ownership of private homes in history, and a deficit cut in half three years ahead of schedule. It's a disaster!

Throw the bums out!

It would be ungracious to not admit a thorough trashing for the Republicans, and also for repudiating of the Diebold Voting Machine Company scam that pre-emptively fixed the election in favor of the Republicans, especially during the last election. We should add in the Venezuelan voting machine scam that Cesar Chavez is a major investor in the dictator being a major fan of "The Idiot in the White House." Thus, we have two different voting machines brands programmed to spit out Republican votes even in minority areas. Didn't you know?

We also have unearthed inconvenient proof that the Republicans committed massive voter fraud and the disenfranchisement of MoveOn.org members and Michael Moore and his various beefy body parts, each of which independently wanted a vote.

As Greg Palast, one of the Left's messengers announced in his latest, the 2006 elections were pre-emptively fixed in favor of the Republicans . . . that is why the Republicans won with a landslide.

We know: It is not that the Democrats stole the election, but that the Republicans tried to! Now chastised forever, at least until 2008, whichever comes first, the Republicans have to play along with Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and Company without the benefit of Vaseline. Thankfully, before the Republicans take over once again, all Americans will have the opportunity to invest in the largest white flag factory in the world. In France or Michigan, whichever is closer to your home.

We can sleep well, too, fellow Americans, for the Democrats have a solution for Iraq and homeland security since Osama promised to cooperate with the new boys on the Hill and has approved the election results. He too is in line for the House leadership. Finally, Reid and Pelosi will deal better with our economy and reverse the under performance of Wall Street which has — obviously — bankrupted all of America's business.

November 21, 2006

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