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Going to Jail?

To the Editor,

Cheney stated in his speech at Whiteman Air Force Base (10/27/06):

"In this new era, Americans have learned that oceans do not protect us, and threats that gather thousands of miles away can now find us here at home. We have learned that there is a certain kind of enemy whose ambitions have no limits, whose cruelty is only fed by the grief of others. These enemies don't assemble standing armies or navies to confront us. Instead they operate in small cells; they dwell in the shadows; and they hide in caves on the other side of the world. And yet they are driven by an ideology of violence, and they are absolutely determined to cause great harm to the United States of America.

"The terrorists hate this country and everything we stand for human freedom, democratic government, respect for life. They seek ever-deadlier weapons, and they would use those weapons against us without hesitation. With the terrorists, there can be no negotiations, or appeals to reason or conscience. We have only one option, and that's to take the fight to the enemy."

This from the individual who in October of 2002 exclaimed that Iraq was a "grave and gathering threat" while intimating that the US was in mortal danger of an attack that would kill thousands.

What I want to know is quite simple, when are the current crop of individuals frequenting Washington right now going to go to jail? I caught Mr. Della Femina's take on the current commercials; nice to know there still exists a degree of decency among some of the Republicans. Hopefully the boss still has enough of a bad taste in his craw to let me spit in my two cents.

1. U.S. forces are directed away from the known enemy, 'the clear and present danger,' and actually hamstrung in their pursuit of Al Qaeda and bin Laden by the staging of troops for, and then the commitment of those troops to the invasion of Iraq. Now, as I have outlined in letters to this paper before, I don't feel this was just a bad idea, it was treason. I am sure that well before the planes hitting towers created a whole new world, the invasion of Iraq was scheduled. I understand the geo-political aspect, but as O'Reilly and Letterman debated, the invasion of Iraq was and is about oil. Now I understand a president having a personal policy, I don't even care if it's an aggressive personal policy; hell, I was a Marine under the Hon. Mr. Reagan I fully understand there is no such thing as bloodless diplomacy. But the fact remains, Saddam is in jail, bin Laden has replaced the commie under the bed and that only tells me that some individuals who took an oath to protect this country decided to follow pre-planned foreign policy instead of confronting the national threat that's treason.

2. How far has the Republican party sunk when it's the pedophile being the standard of decency up on the hill? Foley is confronted with damaging emails, he stammers a 30-second mea culpa, and his ass is out the door, fini. Bob Ney pleads guilty, not a questioned court case, the loathsome lump of rat scat PLEAD GUILTY. Yet he wants to be a Congressman until he has to go to jail because he wants to make sure his staff is taken care of HUH!?!?

And Denny Hastert (I know nothing, I don't read, I don't talk to my staff, I pay no attention to all these criminals around me), explains that if he isn't gone by the end of November, the House will censure him. Wow, I really got to get into politics, there doesn't seem to be any rules, especially when it comes to transparency in Washington. Ney went down because of Abramoff, yet Susan Ralston, who was Abramoff's right hand and then moved in to be Karl Rove's right hand, was allowed to quietly resign. Guess it's easier to explain that the 435 contacts between the great grifter and the prez were all grip and grins if the guy's secretary is no longer fetching coffee.

Though Mr. Abramoff's clients shouldn't feel too bad. I really like how Frist made sure the Anti-Internet Gambling Act was attached to Port Security to make sure it passed. Really, letting people sit in the comfort of their own homes and gamble money seems to me much like porn. I understand, as do all the Indian casinos that really wanted those folks gambling at THEIR place. I do so love Washington. Of course, we still have $90,000 in cold cash from a Democrat, but since it's in the president's drawer, I can't help but think of it as a Republican problem.

3. Which brings into focus how much I appreciated Jerry's take on the current slew of campaign fertilizer being sown. I no longer wonder about whether or not there exists any decency left in the Republican National Committee there isn't. They will say or do anything to maintain their position, for it is the placement that is keeping many of them out of jail. What I see displayed in politics on the Republican side is the type of urgency I saw kill Ken Lay. It must be real important to make sure there is no accounting for the billions spent, no perusal of any memos, no Pentagon Papers Vol. 2.

I just see the desperation of a cabal that has no answers for any of the many questions that need to be asked I pray to the goddess mother who bore me that those questions be allowed to be asked.

October 31, 2006

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