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Bishop vs. Zanzi

To The Editor,

The differences between Tim Bishop and Italo Zanzi could not be clearer.

Mr. Bishop will raise your taxes, thereby ensuring an end to the current economic boom. He voted against the wall on our southern border, thus aiding and abetting the continuing flow of illegals. His votes on the war would guarantee that Iraq turns into another S. Vietnam, where freedom has been crushed for 30 years because Congressmen like Mr. Bishop bailed out of a war that was won on the ground but lost in our media.

He refuses to address the fact that we have real enemies out there, enemies who use their schools, media and mosques to convince young children that it's glorious to commit suicide by blowing up "infidel" shopping malls and school buses.

He refuses to question why Muslim leaders and scholars do not speak out against such a barbaric misuse of children's lives, as Congressman Peter King has done. He wants to give each murdering terrorist held at Guantanamo a publicly funded lawyer, a right not granted to them by the Geneva Convention (in fact, according to the Geneva Convention, we have the right to summarily execute these scum, who have repeatedly tried to kill or maim both their guards and the doctors sent to treat them).

Italo Zanzi will lower your taxes, vote for the wall and enforcement of our immigration statues, and seek victory in Iraq, a victory that will cost time, money and bloodshed but that will result in an Iraq that looks like South Korea, not South Vietnam.

Mr. Bishop will spend the time and energy of the Congress trying to convince the American people that George Bush is the enemy. Italo Zanzi will work in the real world to continue our economic growth, to improve the situation on our borders and in Iraq, and to give the President the tools he needs to defeat the head-chopping, throat-slitting barbarians who seek to destroy us.

October 31, 2006

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