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Habeas Corpus

Dear Editor,

Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. Then he started a war that killed 618,222 Americans. Other estimates place the number of military fatalities at over 800,000.

George Bush did not suspend habeas corpus, though some Americans are acting as if he did.

He started a war that killed 2800 Americans.

Lincoln killed 206 times as many Americans as Bush. Listening Cindy Sheehan?

FDR imprisoned over 100,000 innocent American citizens and children in concentration camps. Three liberals complained about FDR's decision and the rest of sensible American society didn't give a shit. In those days we shipped the complainers off to where they escaped from: mental institutions. Franklin then ordered the summary execution of German POWs and spies after secret military tribunals found them guilty . . . and of others who weren't tried at all. No constitution was violated. We were at war. That is the distinction between peace time and war time.

No one would have cared about Gitmo or Abu Ghraib: these issues DO NOT matter a bit!

FDR started a war that killed 600,000 American servicemen. He killed 200 times as many Americans as Bush.

In today's America, the inmates of mental institutions have been freed and thrust upon the rest of innocent society. They are called liberals and leftists. The definition of insanity is doing the same activity over and over and expecting a different result. Communism, socialism and today's neo-liberalism are about the most dismal social and political experiments thrust on mankind. Yet neo-liberals and leftists still "believe" in the Marxist script, wishing and hoping that the next time they'll get a different result. Utopia. The Perfect Man. Peace on Earth.

Bush imprisoned 14,000 terrorists who are willing to and have murdered innocent Americans. Of these, possibly 3000 were let out for lack of evidence and certainly not because they were innocent. Many of these have re-entered the battlefield killing Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Senator Simpson recently [went] on CNN about the unhinged opinion that most foreign combatants at Gitmo and elsewhere are innocent: "Bullshit!" He repeated his statement once more. Maybe he was too subtle. Maybe some listeners are deaf. Maybe I am too subtle.

The NSA "wiretaps" are legal. Why? Because there was no such thing. There were intercepts of foreign communications covered under the Foreign Intelligence Act, not the Constitution. In other words, no one's civil rights can be violated. The NSA program, same as "Operation Total Information," more or less, what intel pros call data mining, are not wiretaps. Terrorists are NOT "freedom fighters."

The crux of the matter, liberals believe in nothing especially not in themselves. So why should they believe in principles that work (capitalism, for example), killing terrorists on the reasonable assumption that a dead terrorist can't kill anyone; or a Supreme Being, on the even more reasonable assumption that a creation had to have been created?

Mark my words: to the chagrin of his detractors in three decades George W. Bush will be written about as a visionary on par with America's Founders, as a genuine American hero, one of the greatest presidents America ever had. The first to warn of a growing danger that will continue to threaten civilization for decades or more. Unlike Clinton, the Democrats will fail to impeach him. The Idiot in the White House has beaten your (genius) candidates twice. He will beat the libs phake, phraudulent, and phony propaganda in the history books just as Ronald Reagan has. It would be convenient to forget: RR is the man whom his detractors called The Amiable Dunce.

(Sound familiar?)

Editor's Note: Somehow the image of George W. Bush as a "visionary" is difficult to conjure. Thanks, we didn't know FDR bombed Pearl Harbor.

October 31, 2006

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