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Large Hole

Dear Editor,

It took 20 years to fix the water problem at the IGA in Montauk that was created when the town built the Kirk Park Beach Parking Lot!

It also took 24 years to eliminate the pond created in front of the Lutsic residence on Edin St. It was there for so long after a rain storm that a sign was made calling it "Lake Lutsic."

Now, when will we ever get rid of the lake created at the corner of Essex St. and S. Fairview Ave.? It has been 35 years that I can remember that this very dangerous corner on any normal "dry" day is a problem and when it rains the problem only escalates. The town doesn't even put up a warning that a problem exists as you are driving towards this area. The town certainly knows there is a problem and has over the years spent many dollars installing a dry well of some sort that has never worked. When the area is dry it looks like a disaster area because it is all washed out.

While I am on the subject of the Highway Dept., I feel they do a good job repaving the roads. But there seems to be a problem when a storm drain is in the road. They never lift the storm drain and, consequently, a large hole in the road is created. Good examples of this are the Montauk Police Substation, the Circle in town, the Post Office and many other areas. A number of years ago, the Highway Dept. dug up the entrance to my driveway to fix a water problem and never repaved the area!!

These are just some of the things that get Montauk people upset with the service we get for our "large" tax dollar paid to the Town of East Hampton.

I would imagine it is a state decision, but it would be nice if there were a few 55 miles per hour signs on the highway through Hither Woods and the Napeague Stretch. Perhaps that would help in not getting stuck behind someone going 35 miles per hour who doesn't have a clue as to what the speed limit is.

October 24, 2006

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