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Secret Meetings

Dear Rick,

The election is just weeks away and I want to encourage everyone to vote so that Tim Bishop can remain our representative in Congress. The Independent did a great job reporting on "Broadwater," Shell and TransCanada's proposal to take away our greatest natural resource the Long Island Sound (making it less broad, by the way) for the purpose of building a HUGE liquefied natural gas terminal off Wading River near Riverhead and make gobs of money off our backs.

I have no doubt that this was one of the top agenda items of Cheney's "secret" energy meetings held with "top" energy businessmen (including Ken Lay) at the White House at the start of this administration.

This administration has:

Given the energy companies huge subsidies.

Shoved through a complicated, HUGE energy bill easily (with both the Senate and House controlled and in lock-step with this administration's policy) which gives the federal government the ability to bypass state objections to the environmental destruction of our most important natural resource so much for state's rights gone under this administration!

Our future tax dollars will pay for the Coast Guard to protect the business.

Shell and TransCanada will make billions of dollars while we subsidize them and pay to protect their business interests! And forget about them paying if there is environmental or safety damage we will be the ones paying.

The robber barons are back and we need representatives in Congress to protect our interests.

The first time I heard about this fiasco was from Congressman Tim Bishop he is adamantly opposed to this extreme commercialization of Long Island Sound and is fighting the proposal tooth and nail. I applaud him for his work in this area.

Beyond alerting us all to this (and The Independent was awesome in its reporting on this threat), I have been impressed by how many community meetings Congressman Bishop has set up to discuss important issues. These meetings are open to EVERYONE unlike the "staged" meetings President Bush arranges. Everyone can attend Tim's meetings everyone can speak. I have been very impressed with this continued insistence on having open meetings. He gets a chance to hear what all of his constituents have to say and we get an opportunity to hear his thoughts on issues that are about to be voted on.

There is much work to be done and I, for one, am glad that Tim Bishop is our Congressman for the First Congressional District. I am proud to say that he has my vote.

October 10, 2006

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