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Misleading Titles?

Dear E.H. Indy. Editor,

It must be election time. Robert Perry, the Texas millionaire who bankrolled the choreographed, prefabricated, propaganda film Swiftboat Veterans for Truth in order to cast doubt on John Kerry's Vietnam heroisms and the appropriate commendations and medals by the U.S. Government bestowed upon him as an honor for his valor, is back. It worked, using those well paid "Swift Boat" stooges that never even met Kerry; rather it honored a "no show" Air National Guard and politically well connected draft dodger. Why shouldn't it work again?

This time around it's been titled the GOP Economic Freedom Fund. I'm so anxious to see it. How can a lovely title like that become distorted . . . but then how could a courageous title like Swiftboat Veterans for Truth become such a lie? . . . and a successful lie. Credit where credit is due; Rove and his entourage certainly know how to snow a people begging to be snowed. The operative phrase presently is "Scare them."

And so we will all see if the Republican Party's wealthy supporters and the free reign given to corporate big business will once again receive enough reciprocating dollars to buy them an election. When does it become the time for the middle class to be recognized perhaps not as his wealthy "Base" but at least those whose welfare as the citizens of this great country of which he is supposed to be President, should also be considered . . . occasionally?

September 26, 2006

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