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Legally Or Not

Dear Editor,

I just finished reading a letter by Ted Lucki, mayor of Belle Terre, titled, "Illegal-immigrant bill stirs up ethnic hatred." I am a legal immigrant, and have written a few letters before reminding everyone of the important difference between an illegal immigrant and a legal one. Our country was formed by "Legal Immigrants" who believed in laws and God to run our country.

I have no hate for these people, but I do know that they have committed a crime, and have done something illegal, and this should be handled properly, and not ignored. I was shocked by his narrow view, until I came to the paragraph where he talks about his mother, and it all made more sense. All he was concerned about was that his mother would have illegal immigrants to "cut her grass, wash her car, clean her home, paint her nails, and wash her dishes." Who was going to stop in once a day and bathe her when she is not able? Who will prepare nutritional meals for her? Who is going to allow her to be independent at 84? Answer: There are meals-on-wheels available in many communities. She can certainly hire a nurse's aide, or other home aides for most of these needs, from legal American residents.

Am I missing something? How independent can she be when she needs all those services done for her? And the biggest question for me would be, "Where is her son and family?" My mother is a 91-year-old legal immigrant from Yugoslavia, and still living on her own in her own home. She does have someone cut her grass, and do heavy work in her yard when necessary, but otherwise she takes care of everything else. When she can't do things anymore, we will either take care of her or put her in a medical facility, if needed. I would never think of hiring an illegal anyone to take care of her, or anyone else in my family, as long as I am able to do it.

He never made it clear whether his parents were here legally or not. I'm assuming they were not, or he would be proud that they were, and went through the effort to learn English, and become Naturalized American citizens, like I am of myself, my brother, mother and grandmother, since the 1950s. No one is dehumanizing these people, they have broken our laws without anyone's help, and they are not silent guest workers, they are criminals, and they are silent because they don't want to get caught.

I do believe that those without any other criminal records should be given the opportunity to go through a process to learn English, and become legal citizens. It is important that they commit themselves to America as their new home. The others should find some other country to exploit, or be sent back to where they came from.

September 26, 2006

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