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A Rove-ing Eye

Dear East Hampton Independent,

And he's off again following puppeteer Karl Rove's direction; the Republican Party is in trouble so it's time for another Fright Flight. Fly all over the country to re-frighten the voting public and corral them back into believing that the very person that has created so much of the hatred towards the United States by our enemies, potential or teetering, while earning the disdain and disgust of our friends, is the only one that can save them. It's like telling someone suffering from mercury poisoning to have a glass of mercury for a cure. The sad part is that there are many out there that will buy into this curious, circuitous logic. Sad indeed!

Traditionally, the Republican Party will have much more than twice the amount of money to spend on getting their guys into or back into office than the Democrats. It comes from the wealthy, big business and corporate America paying their dues for the financial breaks this administration showers on them . . . all at the expense of the middle class. Let us hope that the voting public will not be fooled again.

Editor's Note: It would also be helpful to get our buddies at OPEC to lower oil prices as the election nears. And oh yeah, don't forget a new video release from Mr. bin Laden warning of new perils should we loosen our guard and elect Democrats.

September 19, 2006

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