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Where’s Pogo

Dear Editor,

Ironic! We invade Iraq using 9/11 as a ploy but finally we settle on the substitute rational: we are bringing to them, our democracy, our freedom and our liberty.

At the same time we proceed to dilute our democracy, reduce our freedom, and diminish our liberties right here at home. The administration's circumventing the court in order to perform illegal domestic wire tapping, and spying on domestic monetary transactions are merely two that have been exposed after having been ongoing secretly long prior to the exposure. These outrageous infringements are perpetrated on a purposely well frightened citizenry.

Then there is the misleadingly labeled "Patriot Act." Our privacy and civil liberties once again sacrificed. Our reading material is expunged from our libraries and our life of privacy in every way surreptitiously stolen. The privacy which had had always been taken for granted by our people . . . an open book. Again, keep 'em scared.

Now our Commander in Chief wants to re-write the Geneva Convention rules on interrogating prisoners. He calls it "clarification" . . . (like renaming the "Estate Tax" for the wealthy, a "Death Tax" so as to once again fool the middle class into thinking it is for their benefit as well their estates). What's in a word? Less and less it seems with each passing day. Anyway, it also seems he would now like to mimic the torture techniques of those which we had held in such low regard relative to the high moral standards of the United States.

We toppled the statue of Saddam Hussein, a dictator, ruling over a one party government enforcing any rules he chooses based merely on the fact that he wanted to, and could. We now have the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government as one party. Gone are the checks and balances as well the equal powers of the branches of our country. They are all one. The only thing missing is a statue to topple.

In the process of supposedly bringing the gift of our values to a part of the deprived world in order to replace the totalitarian regime under which they were suffering, our administration seems to be striving to emulate the very evil government from which we claim to be freeing them. We may very well find that their method of governing is getting closer to ours. But perhaps not because they are adopting to democracy, freedom and liberty but because our degradation of those very ideals seem to be reflecting more of theirs.

As that great Walt Kelly's philosopher Pogo once said, "We have seen the enemy and they is us." Pogo, where are you now when we need someone to inject a rational intelligent thought somewhere in the minds of our present "Leaders"?

September 19, 2006

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