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Ever Diminishing

Dear East Hampton Independent Editor,

Last night I saw part two of the "Docudrama," The Road to 9/11. Both were well photographed and the acting was excellent. Part two, although less overtly politically motivated than part one, was nevertheless a film form, which should be labeled a Politidrama; documentation being irrelevant. The telltale agenda was implicitly brought to light in part two. The "Docudrama" went from 8-9 and then continued from 9:30 'til 10 nicely bracketing Bush's "non-partisan" speech defending his invasion of Iraq when he should have been talking about the 9/11 tragedy which had nothing to do with Iraq; Coincidence, no doubt. The whole program should be categorized as an electioneering-drama for purposes of the upcoming '06 . . . and of course '08.

Interesting that the biased preview copies were not made available to President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, or National Security Advisor Sandy Berger but advance copies were distributed to Right Wingers such as radio propagandist Rush Limbaugh and blogger Patterico for them to share the uncut version with their like minded. The supposedly edited and corrected (forced to be less overtly partisan ) copy, was finally made available and shown on ABC television.

It appears that Disney ABC is competing with FOX News for dominance of partisan misinformation. However, none of this should come as a surprise since the film's very credits stated that it was made based on the book by John J. Miller who is National Political Reporter for William F. Buckley's Conservative Right Wing organization. Duh! Even the film's major star Harvey Keitel who played FBI Agent John P. Oneil publicly stated that he was disturbed staring in a film that so flagrantly replaced fact with fiction.

Disney FOX initially stated that the piece was "Based solely and completely on the 9/11 report." They failed to mention their artistic license to distort the truth but Republican Co-Chairman of the 9/11 commission Thomas Kean was supposed to keep it from straying too far from fact. I like the guy but he did a lousy job. Through ever diminishing claims of factuality, the final statement from Disney FOX was "for dramatic and narrative purposes, the movie contains fictionalized scenes, composite and representative characters and dialogue, and time compression." Docudrama?

That's "Docutalk" meaning, "we lied." So what's new!

September 19, 2006

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