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Violated with Impunity

Dear Editor,

The Council of Churches need to take a look at why we have immigration laws and I feel they have no right to interfere with Steve Levy and his need to help the American workers and the right of local communities to have some control over their quality of life.

Mr. Levy is a very courageous man as he has taken on a cause that should have been taken care of by our federal government Why do we even have laws especially if our government ignores them just for political gain and to keep their corporate buddies making money by employing the illegals for low wages? Our government likes to think most Americans are about as dumb as a bucket of rocks. Mr. Bush continues to tell us we need the illegals for the good of our economy.

Well, according to Western Union, $30 billion was sent back to Mexico last year by the illegals here, how in the world does that help our economy? It helps Mexico's a great deal, something Mr. Bush fails to tell the American people. Another fact Mr. Bush fails to tell us is that the illegals cost the federal government more than $10 billion annually as they use our schools, hospitals and other social services, this amount doesn't measure the cost to local and state economies.

Most New York and Long Island newspapers are blatantly pro-illegal therefore most citizens have no idea the toll the illegals are taking on this country's economy. We are continually being told we need these people as no one else will do the jobs they do. Can someone tell me who did these jobs before the illegals I seem to recall teenagers, senior citizens, moms trying to supplement the family, the family income and high school dropouts doing these jobs.

I wish the Council of Churches would understand that illegals working for unscrupulous employers is not working for justice. If they are so passionate about helping the illegals, then let them help them financially and take the burden off the taxpayer, especially being the churches pay no taxes whatsoever. I wish the people who support Mr. Levy would come out in force, most of the times the illegal advocate groups show up making it appear there are more people united against his proposal than for, which is definitely not the case. Too many laws are being violated with impunity and we need men like Steve Levy to keep things in perspective.

September 12, 2006

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