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No Tower, Please

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for your comprehensive article on the Springs Firehouse cell phone tower controversy in this week's paper.

I was also thrilled to see the editorial in support of our opposition to this plan. I broached the issue with the Town Board at their Tuesday "brown bag" meeting in Montauk, and came away with the impression that they would delve seriously into the issue and that they were very concerned about the many town codes this tower would violate.

I was disturbed to read that Commissioner Bruce Bates told you that they were soliciting comments from the public. No mention of this was made at the public hearing, and indeed we thought the overwhelmingly negative response of those 60 residents, as well as the 240 names on our petition constituted public response. Obviously, the people who care about this issue were present at the meeting and on the petition. If the firehouse has any letters in support from neighbors who are directly affected by the tower (in the fall zone, e.g.), I'd love to see them. What I do know is that they've received registered letters against the proposal that have gone without reply.

The idea of putting this to a public vote, as Commissioner Bates implied, is not reasonable in this particular instance. No one who is not at risk from this tower falling on their home during an electrical storm or hurricane, or would have to sleep each night with the hum and buzz of all the equipment, should be allowed to decide that this thing would be okay in my backyard because they have a weak signal on their cell phone. And that he actually said, "Ultimately, this will not be our decision" is ridiculous. Of course it's their decision to try to impose this on the community despite our protests and fears and it is equally within their power to drop this offensive project.

Thanks again for your support, and, for the record, the correct spelling of my name is Paula de Seve.

September 12, 2006


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