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Cowboy Bravado

Dear East Hampton Indy,

And so the on-going saga of Giuliani, super hero or super hoax, goes on and on and on.

His proponents paint him as King Kong Giuliani standing bravely with a foot atop each of the twin towers, beating his chest while swatting at the attacking air planes, symbolic of the way he would swat terrorists that would dare attack our fair city. Others say, great PR but he was merely a Mayor, doing his job, performing as all Mayors are expected and obliged to do. No more, no less, and that is exactly what they are getting paid to do.

Initially in the E.H. Indy, there was the letter by Carl Novak in which he pointed out that aside from his self promotional blustering, Giuliani was basically just another city employee performing as he was hired to perform. We hire them to perform as they should and fire them through an election process when they don't. This was followed by a letter by a Mr. Andrew G. Benjamin writing a rant disputing Mr. Novak's assessment of the overblown heroic image created by Rudy and his PR people preparing him for future higher office.

Of course Mr. Benjamin had his personal agenda being on a "Giuliani Subcommittee" preparing him for that very same future higher office. Nick Zissou's letter followed, referring to Mr. Benjamin's condemnation letter in which he pointed out that that the last thing this country needed was one more short-sighted hair-shirt "Bring 'em On" self-aggrandizing "Cowboy" bravado. Our country is suffering the devastating results of that mentality. He suggested that we replace the simplistic "Stay the course" moronic mantra with a "Stop and Think" process in problem solving.

Finally, Ms. Martino-Fisher in your recent publication chastises Ms. Vivian Triolo for finding it repulsive that Rudy wanted to move his "mistress" with whom he had an ongoing affair all during his marriage, into Gracie Mansion. She further asked of Ms. Triolo, "I Hope you were as critical of President Clinton." ARE YOU KIDDING??? With the help of hired gun, bible-toting special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, Clinton was crucified for a comparative peccadillo. They also managed to condemn his wife for forgiving him. It seems forgiveness was unchristian. Well, they are still happily married and nurture an incredibly glorious child; this in contrast to the upbringing and subsequent behavior of the offspring of some past presidents. "As you sow, so shall you reap."

Finally, Ms. M-F also lauded the achievements of Pataki and Bush; as far as Pataki goes, thank goodness he is going after so badly downgrading New York State; and as for Bush, who received a reborn and prosperous America which rebounded under guidance of the administration that followed his father's and preceded his, anyone with eyes that see and a mind that thinks can see the absolute depths to which he and his inept administration has dragged our country, much to the joy of our enemies and the sad acknowledgment of our past traditional friends.

He has virtually bankrupt our country with his exploding deficit while giving tax breaks in every form to his wealthy base, decimated our armed forces, diminished the liberties of the American citizens which had previously stood as a beacon of freedom to the world, opened our borders to aid (once again) his corporate base with cheap labor . . . and that's just for openers. History will no doubt judge Bush Jr. as possibly the worst president that the United States of America has had the misfortune to have.

September 05, 2006

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