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Local Party

Dear Rick,

A special thank you to The Independent newspaper for understanding that an event for local charitiesfeaturing The Beach Boys, though non-political, is newsworthy even in the summer when all the high profile politicians and causes appear before the affluent vacation community. The Independent respectedour charityevent, treating it likethe event of the season. It is good to haveyour local paper and local perspective in our Town.

The benefit for local charities at the Gardiner Farm in East Hampton Village last Tuesday night [August 22] was special. Not only because Judy Licht, Jacquelyne Love and The Beach Boys in concert did their stuff in an excellent and most generous way. But because of those under the radar charities and their volunteers The Kendall Madison Foundation; The East Hampton Community Council; East Hampton Meals on Wheels; Project Most; The Greater East Hampton Education Foundation that work tirelessly for our community volunteers, talented and dedicated, that gave of themselves in a demanding summer/August that stretches their attention and their work hours above and beyond the call of duty. They could run any event whatsoever.

(Debbie Mansir for the silent auction and high school community service volunteers; Gretchen Howe for bringing in the many Meals on Wheels volunteers; Garda Hermany for heading up food and bars; Nancy McCaffrey for getting restaurant donations; The JV and Varsity Football Teams for stage, set up, dismantling work; Sharon Bacon for everything; Tim Bryden; Kelly Hren, Rebecca Morgan; Karol Puglisi; Marcella Sohm are singled out.)

A special thank you to Village Police Chief [Jerry] Larsen who we are lucky to have in the Village and to Assemblyman Fred Thiele who we are lucky to have on the East End. Needless to say, the generosity of Bill and Karie Gardiner, for their time, their home, their contribution, is unparalleled.

Finally, thank you to the almost one thousand people who were there. It was more than an honor and privilege for me to be associated with this event; it was an opportunity to work for the town in which I was raised.

August 29, 2006

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