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Weighty Issues

Important Letter,

Please help me with this serious game our Gov't is playing with me. About 12 years ago I was informed by Gov't connected people that I was an important birth and that they have been monitoring all my life. I was repeatedly told I have to have "weight" to have push and power. I am a Jewish birth. I was told Monica Lewinsky was a set-up. They purposely sent a fat, "weighty" Jewish girl to the president. I was told to listen to a woman making a statement similar to this, "My name is Monica, I have a relationship with a man and then I walk away with his power."

I am being used as a pawn. These people have paid off dentists and doctors to severely hurt me. Many teeth are ruined and my mouth is infected. I must go to a safe dentist and they won't let me go. They have made my life a living hell. (They have also ripped up my knee caps).

Important: On Aug. 12, I wrote a strong letter in Israel's' defense. On Aug. 13 I had a dream that I will need a light. On Aug. 14 we had the black out. Yes, I myself, because of the timing and the dream, believe it may have been divinely caused to back up my letter. The problem is later on I had a dream stating, "And you can forget about getting any help from your Italian friends." And the next day Italy blacks out. Obviously this outrageous timing proves that these blackouts cannot be just a coincidence, but are divinely caused or is there another explanation?

Obviously, I am sitting on much more information. Please, can you help me? I must get to a safe dentist now. Please. All Gov't officers are not helping me. I begged many of them for help.

I also believe my prayers have caused miracles to happen and they are covering it up. Muhammad Ali is much better. I have prayed for him and have contacted his office about it. Also Annette Funicello, who has MS I have prayed for also. She seems to have dropped out of public view. I sense there is something hidden there also.

Please note under 'Important,' my Italian friends mean my personal friends, not the Italian people as a whole. (I have always had a very strong affinity (closeness) to the Italian people).

It was pointed out to me that I was born on the 12th astrological sign, the 12th day, the 12th hour. (It obviously has to do with why they feel I am an important.) In the year 2000, I received a repeated thought to figure out the difference in my sister's birth and mine. When I figured it out, I came up with this:

My birthday: 3/12/1954

My Sister's Birthday: 8/5/1946

The Difference: 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days

I am not safe in any dental, medical, hospital setting. These people are planted all over.

Thank You.

August 29, 2006

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