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Protect Property

Dear Rick,

Thank you for printing my important letter regarding the environment and open spaces two weeks ago.

In regard to your question to me [about Democrats and favors]:

I am not a political person. I vote on issues and capability, not by party. I do not believe that any one party, or members of one party, is more or less likely to conspire or to be complicit in the granting of political favors, to commit fraud or to be corrupt. It is the nature of the beast, and the arena to help one's friends, relatives, acquaintances. That is not the issue, here; the issue is the protection of an environmentally- threatened sensitive piece of property that is on the Community Preservation Fund List and has been ignored by negligent officials in favor of proposed development.

Of course, I do not have access to the in-depth discovery tools available to an investigative reporter, so I must defer to your ability and knowledge. I have been limited in my research as one person working alone to public records made available to me by or from the Town of East Hampton. On several visits to do such research, Planning Board files and/or minutes have disappeared, or have been somehow made unavailable.

I have documented negligence and foolishness, but so far have found no evidence of the collusion or deliberate acts of sabotage that you imply, either in this case, or in recent history. If such information exists, I am sure that it crosses party lines, and is relevant to individuals, rather than actual parties. Then again, if this matter is not resolved in a proper and reasonable manner and continues into a lawsuit, then there will be a variety of discovery tools available to find out if any such behavior does exist.

It has been suggested to me that the entire application process for a subdivision is a ploy to enhance the value of the property, so that when any purchase is ultimately made, the owners will make a greater profit. Although this seems to be a logical conclusion, there is not yet any evidence to substantiate this theory, although I am certain that the principals involved would deny it vehemently.

Yesterday, I again read through the entire file on the subdivision application process, and I see no correspondence of any kind between any of the pertinent organizations that would suggest that any attempt at all was made to purchase the property, with or without aid from these organizations [such correspondence may exist in the files of Job Potter, under whose aegis this fell prior to January 2006, or Scott Wilson, East Hampton Purchasing Agent].

I have been told by Jay Schneiderman, Suffolk County Legislator, that the county would probably be willing to partner in such a purchase, but to date no necessary letter of request had been received from Town of East Hampton officials. It is negligence such as this that makes town's [or officials'] actions so suspect.

Thank you again for listening.

August 29, 2006


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