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Dear Rick,

Is it a bad dream or has our country has gone completely insane?!

The arrest and conviction of Border Patrol (BP) Agents Ignacio Ramos (prior nominee for "Border Patrol agent of the year") and Jose Alfonso Compean boggles the mind. That we now arrest and convict BP Agents who were doing their job and are so sorely needed and under staffed by our administration, while a criminal such as Mexican citizen Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila claims our 4th amendment rights to be free of illegal search and seizure is incomprehensible.

His being allowed to hide behind our Amendment Rights irrespective of the 743 pounds of marijuana found in the vehicle from which he fled in order to run back to Mexico from where he came is in itself absurd, but his being given full immunity for testifying against our BP Agents whose job it is to keep illegal aliens such as he out of our country is unforgivable.

This criminal is now suing the BP for 5 million dollars. Meanwhile, the US Probation Office recommended that the two BP Agents serve 20 years in prison rather than the 10 years which is the normal punishment for this alleged "crime." That increase in jail time it seems, was to send a message to all other BP Agents, "Leave that border alone."

No, it's not a bad dream; it's a bad administration.

But what one would expect? U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton who pressed the charges was nominated by Bush on 10/01 and has been a continuous lackey since 1995 when he was then Governor G.W. Bush's Criminal Justice Policy Director as well as a close kindred spirit with Bush's Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales.

It appears that he is still doing their bidding by continuing to support the policies of Bush and Gonzales, which this time happens to be keeping the border unobstructed so as to facilitate the hordes of illegal aliens crossing over daily. Corporate America should be pleased to see that their support of this administration is so nobly being rewarded. As for President Fox, a simple "thank you" would be in order.

And finally, as if adding insult to injury, Assistant U.S. District Attorney Debra Kanof in her interview on Larry King stated that the two persecuted BP Agent defenders of our border deserve the punishment especially for shooting at their "own People." If those illegal aliens crossing our borders are supposed to be the BP's "own people," whose people are we, the Americans on this side of the border?!

As Chester, of "Life of Riley" fame, so aptly put it: "What a revolting development this is."

August 22, 2006

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