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Annette and Pee Wee

Dear Editor,

(Please understand: At four years old I had dreams connecting me to Annette. The connection was always there.)

Realize I sense these people want me to release information. I have been clearly shown that physical illnesses are caused on purpose by our own unconscious minds (in other words a signal is given. Just look at what auto-immune illnesses are, example: MS, Juvenile Diabetes. It is simply our own immune system attacking). Our physical looks are also controlled.

The fates purposely made Annette Funicello and I have a strong physical resemblance to each other. I found out, later on, that the message behind resembling somebody on the outside is that you also resemble them on the inside.

Before I was aware of the inside part, I wrote Annette a letter. In it I said "how proud I am of all the famous people, that it was her that I resembled ( . . .)." These people, that have me in their grip, are well aware that I have been treated terrible all my life.

So what did they do to balance things out? The smart, right move would be to finally treat me right. Obviously they did not do that. They simply gave Annette MS. You see, this move simply fits in with the game they are playing of, "We are monsters and we know it and we really want to show it."

I want you to know how they played out the timing of her getting sick. Pee Wee Herman's two movies, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Big Top Pee Wee both suspiciously had Abraham Lincoln in it. (When I was 11 years old, a suspicious girl wrote about Abraham Lincoln in my elementary graduation book.)

Pee Wee Herman was purposely used in her later movie Back to the Beach. In an interview, I heard Annette say that when she was making the movie, she started noticing symptoms. (Please realize that Pee Wee Herman may have not known anything about this.)

Well, at least, now I believe that Jesus was doing those healings people talk about. Obviously, if they can cause them, they can cure them.

(They obviously used Pee Wee Herman to EXPOSE information. He most likely never physically exposed himself in that theater.)

August 22, 2006


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