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Who’s Oinking Now?

Ref: Your Last Editorial,

Murphy, you Swine: Integrity means doing the right thing in the face of and against the insane majority. Do you know the meaning of the word?? Where is your Ethos?? Standing up to tell the truth while all others are worshipping the "Golden Calf" is supposed to be your job, like Moses. Make a sign "INTEGRITY," about 10" letters, and place it in front of your desk with a 200-watt light on it to light your dimly lit corner office and LOOK AT IT!!

Your fabrications you made against the Minuteman Demonstrations at CR 39 & North Sea on Saturdays in your editorial was a move on your part to pander to the dysfunctional Liberal elements in our community. Does The Independent need this to increase your papers' circulation? Did you learn your journalism skills from the Josef Goebbels Institute of Propaganda? Marcus Aurelius suggested to people in your position to avoid the current popular insanities of the masses. Who else can civilization turn to when it comes time to sober them up? The New York Times or the East Hampton Star?? Ha!!

Get a grip and stop your foray into Yellow Journalism. Stop hanging around with Pinchy and his Toadies or your faculties will be destroyed. Remember like the rest of us, "Thou are Only a Mortal." Don't let Pinchy swell your head more than it is now. Integrity: "Doing the right thing not the Popular."

Editor's Note: It's one thing for locals to stand up for what they believe is right. It's another thing for out-of-town agitators to give our town a black eye, and that is what's happening on both sides now.

August 15, 2006

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