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The Fight For Rights

Hey Rick,

In regards to your comments on the demonstrators at 7-Eleven in Southampton, I have several issues that need to be addressed. First, I have been to many of these events and not once have I ever seen "a sign shoved in the face of someone trying to get a cup of coffee." There have been, however, several cases of harassment and assault committed by the "day laborers."

Second, probably about ninety percent of the feedback we receive is positive. We are only there because the laws are not being enforced, from the federal level down to our local ordinances. As stated recently by East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill McGintee, it is unlikely that any of the laborers standing on the side of the road are here legally, as they would need to have a sponsor for that and would therefore already be employed. Everyone protesting has something else that they would rather be doing.

Last but not least, you state that "the mayor and village board should issue strict directives concerning the demonstrators' rights" and "permits should be issued that strictly define parameters." Well, the last time I checked, free speech was still protected under our Constitution. You, of all people, should want this right protected to the fullest. Would you want to apply for a permit to publish your newspaper? Would you like to ask the government what you can print? I doubt it!

One day, you may find yourself fighting for your rights and you might just need the support of a few patriots that believe in them. So, before you so freely give away the rights of others, think hard about what it could mean for you. Don't Tread On Me!

August 15, 2006

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