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Hideous Tyrannies

To Rick Murphy,

On March 13, 1964, 28 year old Catherine "Kitty" Genovese was murdered in spite of her cries for help. For 45 minutes she begged for someone to help her from the assailant, a Winston Moseley. Most of the people that heard her cries did not want to "get involved."

The fear of getting involved displayed a lack of confidence in the institute of New York City Law Enforcement. Reporting a crime meant that you would be subjected to the abuse of not only the NY Police Dept. corruption, but the abuse and corruption of the court system as well. The result of law enforcement and protection quality for the New York City public was equal to that of the Tijuana, Mexico.

Last Saturday 29 Jul at 9:30 a.m., a widowed 66 year old senior citizen lady, was attacked/assaulted by approx. a 24 year old illegal alien trying to steal her camera. The Village of Southampton, NY Police dept. was immediately summoned for this vicious crime and to protect this lady.

Forty-five minutes after the 911 call was made, Officer Gallo showed at the scene in a lackadaisical and inconspicuous manner. In spite of overwhelming evidence and the establishment of "Prima Fascia" with 5 witnesses attesting to this crime, Officer Gallo refused to take a criminal complaint and further refused to follow proper police procedure to apprehend the felon.

The evidence for a "Good Pinch" was obviously there. Officer Gallo . . . allowed the assailant to remain at large and seems to have an unnatural disposition for protecting this criminal. I can only conclude that Officer Gallo, from his conduct, was trying to secure a bribe to do his sworn duty from her monthly Social Security check. Officer Gallo's conduct was supported by the police chief and mayor of the Village of Southampton, NY.

Their refusal to pursue the assailant, who remains at large even with the license tag number of the get-away vehicle secured, has left her at the mercy and she fears for her safety. Even Chief Wilson offered a defense for her assailant.

The hordes of illegal alien invaders in our community have brought with them a pandemic plethora of social and biological ills. The contagions they bring to us not only of leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria, etc., but the corruption of our police departments to a 3rd world type. The police department at Vera Cruz, Mexico functions more honestly than the Village of Southampton, NY police dept. does. The Vera Cruz cops ask for lesser bribes than the Southampton, NY village police demand.

The quality of our freedom and sovereignty of our nation is no longer a valued commodity by our corrupt political representatives. Emilano Zapata's message warn us that "There is no such thing as an honest Politician . . . They are only honest if you make and keep them honest . . ."

As citizens of our community, we must bring this outrage of police corruption by Officer Gallo, Chief Wilson, the mayor for Village of Southampton, NY, to the attention of our Justice Department, demand the exposure of these police thugs and be brought to justice. The gall of Officer Gallo refusing to do his sworn duty brings to mind another warning from the notable Eric Hoffer:

"The most hideous tyrannies of our times are by those police departments, such as the Village of Southampton, NY police dept., that are sworn to protect the public, for how [do] the citizens of the Hamptons protect themselves from these corrupt protectors?" These thugs masquerading as police officers are the biggest threat to our safety. Like Caligula's praetorian guards, they have the weapons and we don't. With no one holding them responsible for their conduct, the end result is they will act like Caligula himself.

If a Catherine Genovese was attacked in the Village of Southampton, NY today in the same conditions and the village police was immediately notified, she would meet the same fate.

This latest outrage resulting from the illegal alien invaders, the refusal of our political leaders to secure our borders, deporting these criminals from Central America, show Hillary, Schumer, Bishop and our idiot President have no intention to preserve our nation, our sovereignty, our culture, our integrity, our economy, our sacred envied American citizenship and seek our destruction. Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution has no meaning anymore. The "Bill of Rights" and the U. S. Constitution is dead!!!

August 08, 2006

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