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Embarrassment Factor

Dear E.H. Independent,

Re: Mr. Jorge Luis Gonzalez 8/1/06 point by point letter, distorting of the Gore/Bush Florida presidential debacle.

Mr. Novak, whom Mr. Gonzalez feels he has taken to task was exactly right. It was the machinations of Katherine Harris together with Database Technology (subsidiary of ChoicePoint), the "Blacklist" developer and a generous contributor to the Republican Party, plus the well oiled Republican machine in the state governed by George Bush's brother Jeb that gave the votes to Bush. Talk about a stacked deck.

Harris' outrageously blatant partisan Three Card Monte handling of the '00 election has since made of her a pariah even within the Republican Party, as evidenced by their cold reception of her entering the Senatorial race. It's the Embarrassment Factor.

Mr. Gonzalez's definition of "kidnapping" is typical of the biased reasoning in his 1 thru 9 diatribe. If lawfully returning a child, Elian Gonzalez, to a parent and his grandparents as opposed to illegally holding him hostage as a pawn to selfishly display your contempt for the leader of the country from which he hailed is to be called "kidnapping," that word has lost all meaning. "But you know that!!!"

Janet Reno followed the law as she is sworn to do and if she were to do otherwise she would be as guilty as that Cuban leader who is justifiably held in such contempt. Those Cubans which left their country to seek sanctuary in the United States should be the first to support abiding by the laws of the country whose generosity they seem to have taken for granted. Rather, they appear to be more concerned with satisfying an agenda, right or wrong, as was the very modus operundi of the leadership of the country from which and why they fled.

The protest vote of those who prefer to call themselves "Exiles" rather than Americans, punishing those who would adhere to the law by voting for Bush, casts shame upon those who would pick and choose the laws they wish to acknowledge of the country that greeted them and gives them sanctuary. It also suggests that they feel that Bush and the Republicans do not give a whit for laws since they are willing to break them if the maneuver results in votes. Well they got the votes and we're living daily with the horror of their victory.

Finally, I do not think that Mr. Novak after reading one more of Mr. Gonzalez's typical silly, self serving essays would avail himself of his offer to "please take offense . . . to being the ignorant, arrogant sub-moron racist you display yourself to be."

Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya,!!!!

Really Jorge, get a life! "But you knew that!!!"

August 08, 2006

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