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Trail to Nowhere

Dear Rick,

On 7/31/06, the undersigned was approached/stopped in front of the Southampton Elementary School on Hampton Rd. in Southampton by two men in a white (2 door) open pickup truck asking for directions to the 7-11 and food store. I happily provided, however, something bothered me, so I called a neighbor about this and was told this description matches the truck/men that attacked a senior citizen at 7-11 on Sat., 7/29/06.

Therefore on Tues., 8/1/06, I stopped in the Southampton Town Police, Hampton Bays. I was asked to please come in and sit down to discuss my concerns. The policewoman suggested that I follow up with the village police since it was their territory. The officer recommended that it be shared with the village since it would help the possible investigation, if any.

I called the village police (8/1) with the information, and Ashley asked me to come down to the police dept. I cooperated and when I arrived, as asked, to wait behind a plastic barrier . . . [there was] a dramatic entrance by a policewoman who inquired, "What do you want?" She asked for my name but I hesitated since I was being verbally dealt with and wrongly accused as a criminal would be and promptly the officer walked out and slammed the door in my face!

So, I was unable to assist a senior citizen and asked the young girl, Ashley, where I should go with this. No response! I went immediately over to Mayor Epley's office; not available. I left a message. As of this writing (Wed. 8/2/06) no response. The only impression that one can arrive at this point in time, is that after 45 years in this lovely area that the senior citizen in Southampton is not represented nor protected by its public officials. I believe that the police dept. is here to protect all of its citizens. Recommendation: everyone vote in all upcoming elections! God Bless America!

Editor's Note: This occurred after the village police told the letter writer over the phone she had to drive 12 miles to the station to file a report on the hottest day of the year, Ms. Kahl said in an interview.

August 08, 2006


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