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Faulty Cops?

To The Independent,

The ability of American citizens to exercise their first amendment right of free speech as they rally near the corner of North Sea Rd. and County Rd. 39 in the Village of Southampton has been thwarted and discouraged by the village mayor, as he gives marching orders to his police department to treat these American citizens as second class inhabitants of a third world dictatorship.

Numerous assaults on Americans who, carrying signs and flags have been demonstrating against the invasion of illegal aliens for the past few months, have been denied and ignored by the Southampton Village Police Department. Citizen victims of assault submit complaints to the police while they refuse to take action.

On the morning of Tuesday Aug. 1 . . . I accompanied a 66 year-old woman when she appeared at the desk of the Southampton Village Police Department to sign a formal complaint of assault against a young Latino male. The assault had been committed the previous Saturday morning. It had taken numerous unanswered phone calls to the police department over a two-day period to finally get their permission for us to come down to their station to sign the complaint.

They assured us on two different occasions by phone that papers were ready to be signed. When we arrived at the desk, Officer Gallo informed us that we would not be able to sign a complaint of assault. In fact, there were no papers ready to sign for any charge against the perpetrator. There are five witnesses to testify prima facie evidence to the assault.

Evidence to identify the perpetrator includes a license plate number as well as photos of his truck and photos of him. Yet there has been no effort to arrest the perpetrator. Rather, Officer Gallo, with a truly disgusting smirk on his face instructed the woman, a 66 year-old senior citizen, to go and hang around the 7-11 store in hopes that she might locate the perpetrator at which time she should effect a citizen's arrest and hold the perpetrator until the police arrive.

I was witness, as were three other police officers, to Officer Gallo advising this unarmed senior citizen to put her life on the line to apprehend a violent young male and then hold him until the police might arrive.

At this time we voiced very strong objections to the four police officers present at the desk regarding our frustration at not being able to execute a formal complaint of assault against the perpetrator and we aired our disgust at the totally outrageous advice from Officer Gallo to send a 66 year-old woman to effect a citizen's arrest on a young violent male perpetrator.

The police reaction to our objections was to order us out of the building! In addition to the above outrage, Police Chief William Wilson's statement asserting that the victim of the assault shoved a camera in the perpetrator's face is a bold-faced lie. Neither the chief or any of his officers were witness to the assault. I and four other witnesses can testify that his statement is simply not true!

The above-described incident paints a definite picture of dereliction of duty on the part of Officer Gallo and the entire Southampton Village Police Department as well as the office of the Mayor of Southampton Village.

Moreover, even more important, this mayor and this police department are guilty of Federal Offenses ranging from depriving her of First Amendment (freedom of speech), Fourteenth Amendment (equal treatment under the law) protection and also general abuse of this woman's civil rights by the police department's refusal to deploy on site police surveillance and protection to control an obviously incendiary situation when American citizens are openly demonstrating against the invasion of illegal aliens.

This entire area on North Sea Road by the 7-11 is rife with hundreds of illegal aliens whose criminal backgrounds are not known. The number of American citizens demonstrating against the illegal aliens rarely exceeds eight.

This next Saturday will once again see American citizens demonstrating against the invasion of illegal aliens at North Sea Rd. and County Rd. 39. We demand protection afforded by the Southampton Village Police Department. If protection is not forthcoming and our American citizens are injured by the opposition our blood will be on the hands of the mayor and police department of the Village of Southampton.

This letter, having been started on Aug. 2 is a chronological report on the confrontation between American citizens demonstrating against the invasion of illegal aliens and the Southampton Village Police Department's refusal to uphold the law to promote peace and tranquility in the face of a very tense situation.. It is now Saturday evening, Aug 5. We conducted our rally this morning and, thank God, no one was assaulted. The Southampton Village Police Department was conspicuous by their absence. They offered no on site surveillance or protection.

The Southampton Village Police Department has shown themselves to be an out-of-control political arm of a corrupt mayor. They are a distinct liability to the taxpayers who fund their operations. They are an unnecessary redundancy of failed police protection and must be disbanded.

Remember: liberty, freedom and the Bill of Rights

Question Authority-Always

Editor's Note: Despite their denials, the village police clearly wish the weekly demonstrations would go away so they could get back to their morning chores of bikini watching at the local beaches and patrolling the racially sensitive area in front of Dunkin Donuts.

August 08, 2006

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