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Fire Bush?

To the Editor of East Hampton Independent,

Just when you think it's impossible for this president to inflict any more damage to our country than he already has, he vetoes federal funding for stem cell research, even as overwhelmingly passed by his own "No Oversight" Republican Congress. They were only 55 short of the 290 needed, by his own "in his pocket" House, to override his veto. He seems intent on turning us into a third world power.

The rest of the world now leads and absorbs the best scientific and technical talent, which once gravitated to the United States; they now flock to progressive thinking countries which allow them to research in depth whatever would benefit mankind and consequently their economy . . . without the dictates of supernatural voices.

Under this administration we have earned the disdain, distrust and the disgust of the people of the entire world by both our past friends and to the joy of our past and present enemies. We waddle and fall behind, exporting our high as well as low-tech jobs, our manufacturing and of course the related talent that follows, while opening our borders to whomever wants to enter and pick up on whatever jobs are left. We have given away what was once our strength and made us great.

Three quarters of the US population demand extensive stem cell research and the benefits to be derived by our country as well as mankind. Why, even the staunch Catholic Church encourages stem cell research.

Perhaps if we had done the necessary stem cell research in the past we might have been able to cure the mental shortcomings and hallucinations that control our present president who bases his contrary view (supported by his evangelical cheering squad, of course ) on the mystical dictates of a personal God with whom he believes he has frequent conversations. Sounds much like the religious fanatics we refer to as the misguided misinterpreters of their own religion . . . the enemy.

Somehow he seems to have forgotten that he works for us, we pay his wages, rent, planes, buy his bicycles, golf clubs, etc., which this self-described "Decider" so effectively uses to degrade our great country.

Let's fire him!!!!

August 01, 2006

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