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An Attack

To The Independent,

A sovereign American citizen, what does that word sovereign signify when applied to an American citizen?

It means a citizen of the most exalted kind. A citizen whose position politically and culturally is envied by other less fortunate individuals from all over the world. Most important, a sovereign American citizen is an individual who has been endowed by God with certain rights, listed and secured by the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights that may never be taken away or denied in any way or manner by any government or organization.

That said, I submit to The Independent reader that the wholesale sell out of our status as sovereign American citizens by the McCain-Kennedy illegal alien amnesty bill (S.2611) is the most deceptive, duplicitous and treasonous act ever passed by the United States Senate. This bill, if signed by President Bush, would grant entitlements and privileges along with our sacred rights to the illegal aliens that have invaded our nation and so have made a mockery of our position as sovereign American citizens.

The anger I have toward Senators McCain and Kennedy and their treasonous illegal alien Senate bill is equally directed toward local illegal alien advocates such as Michael O'Neill and Jackie Candemir whose total disdain for the concept of a sovereign American citizen was revealed and made evident to all who attended the meeting at Scovill Hall in Amagansett last week. I had to listen to their anti American Citizen diatribe that considers sovereign American citizens nothing more than an obstacle in the way of bringing hordes of illegal aliens into our neighborhoods.

Is it not strange and revealing that Mr. O'Neill and Mrs. Candemir and OLA (Organizacion Latino Americana ) all advocates for immigration, never differentiate between legal immigration and the invasion of our nation by illegal aliens? At the same time I have never heard a single legal immigrant express outrage over the destructive competition for jobs housing and medical care that the invasion of illegal aliens brings to all of the middle class working people in this country.

I can come to one conclusion only. There is a nation wide conspiracy by all of the many Latino organizations across our nation to politically over power and seize control of our government and our neighborhoods through the numbers of legal immigrants that welcome the sheer numbers of illegal alien invaders that number in the tens of millions. These illegal aliens and their anti American supporters are enemies of our Republic and will be the political and cultural liability that will destroy the ability of the middle class working American to make a living and in turn destroy the sovereign republic of the United States of America.

The above assaults on the sovereign American citizen are bad enough but now hear this. On the morning of July 29 out in front of the 7-11 at the intersection of North Sea Rd and County road 39 a 66 year old woman was assaulted by a young Latino while the woman, a native born sovereign American citizen, was exercising her First Amendment Right of free speech at a Minuteman rally that was held to demonstrate against the invasion of illegal aliens.

The perpetrator approached the woman, took her to task for her demonstration against illegals, swung at her, hitting her and then running away to his white Ford pick up truck, drove off. This attack was witnessed by five people who were also at the rally.

The Southampton Village Police were called to the scene and responded 30 minutes later. The responding officer refused to write the report as an assault but wrote instead a case of harassment. The license plate number of the perpetrator's truck was given to the officer with demands that the police pursue this evidence and arrest the perpetrator. The officer would give no indication that this was going to be done and now as I write this letter 24 hours after the incident I still cannot get a commitment from the Southampton Police Department as to their actions to arrest the perpetrator.

There have been other attacks on men demonstrating against illegal aliens in this area but now they have chosen to attack a woman, a 66-year-old senior citizen!

The burning question is: Are we, sovereign citizens of the United States of America, going to submit to this third world police department in Southampton Village or is the Southampton Village Police Department going to feel the righteous wrath of sovereign American citizens and agree to perform their job according to the law of the land?

Remember: liberty, freedom and the Bill of Rights.

Question Authority-Always.

August 01, 2006

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