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Out of Context

To the Editor,

Mr. J. L. Gonzales is 180 wrong in his assertion that the "American Patrician class is busy selling amnesty for the hordes of illegal invaders of our country." Current trust funds being what they aren't, the only commodity we are busy selling is ourselves to the nouveau riché.

But to start at the start, patricians do not consider ourselves as being "a class," that smacks of old Europe and tired communistic ranting. Our perception is that fluid, vibrant amalgamation of individuals of social and cultural worth. Money is never the alpha or omega, we embody true democracy sound intellectually and physically, we espouse standards deportment. Our greatest hope is to have our children emulate our values. If others do as well, so much the better for society as a whole.

Patricians are falsely stereotyped as being fair complexes, blue eyed with light brown or blond hair such nonsense. We are not snobs and skin tone ranks before good values and gentile behavior. Elitist yes, as we expect much from ourselves and others and yet are mindful of the common wealth. WASP is a misnomer, true we are frequently, but certainly not always, white and Protestant (Episcopal is best but Presbyterian will do quite nicely). The AS meaning Anglo-Saxon is defunct as were these two peoples who were quite overrun by the Normands (Northmen = Vikings = Celts).

Your childhood Sir Walter Scott Ivanhoe makes this plain. Some patricians might more accurately, keeping with the flying creature reference, be termed CROWs, Celtic Republican Overachieving Whites. On the East Coast, we have a strong tendency to know each other. Former simple sight recognition has become tricky with Tommy and Ralph popularizing our apparel. Overshadowed are Brooks Brothers, Press and Crew; however, ever onward marches L. L. Bean the outdoorsy source of one size fits all Wilde quipped, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Slamming President Bush is far out of context regarding the illegal mess. Our craven legislators are the real villains in this home invasion on a national scale. His solution may not find favor with all but it embodies the best of the patrician tradition of kindness and generosity towards those less fortunate than ourselves. He is a fine young man. I have personal knowledge of his character, for as in the patrician tradition of summer work for our young, he did just that by having a job at my waterfront lobster restaurant and pub, The Captain's Landing in Kennebunkport, Maine. Yes, his parents are friends of long standing.

My mother's roots are those of The Blairs of Virginia, founders of William and Mary, a Supreme Court justice in Washington's administration, a member of President Jackson's kitchen cabinet and Lincoln's Post Master General, etc. My mother, Alice Corney Sheaff graduated from Barnard in 1926 with an honors degree in French. My father Walter Robertson-Dick enjoyed a decade of service in the 7th Regiment NYSNG until his activation into the USNR in 1942.

They were known as silk stocking soldiers for this was literally their hosiery. The membership was strongly manned by the patriot scions of N. Y. C. and the membership very restricted. My dues in the Sons of the American Revolution and the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge are current.

Mr. Gonzales, your predictions are accurate and your example of "Mickey Mouse" as a big lie best seller is true to the mark. However, you have misidentified Mickey's merchandiser. Reexamine and reconsider the answer to your assertion, it's most infallibly not the American patricians.

July 25, 2006

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