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Submissive Quaver

To The Independent,

The issue concerning the invasion of illegal aliens into our town and their insistence in packing themselves into single family houses until they sleep shoulder to shoulder, flophouse style, will not be remedied by enforcement of the town code by a court order. What do you do with hundreds, more likely thousands, of illegal aliens when you force them out into the street? You either enforce existing federal law and deprive them of a job by enforcing employer sanctions thus causing them to leave our country or you put them on the dole and give them government housing. I am convinced that our government will accept the latter. The latter would mean the end of our American culture and the end for the sovereign, middle class American citizen.

I have lived and worked in East Hampton for the past 46 years. I am a native born American citizen as are many of the victims of the invasion of illegal aliens. I recognize only too well when my citizenship in the greatest republic on Earth is being challenged by enemies within. The enemies within that I speak of are those local municipalities, those local politicians, those local clergy, those in the media, rapacious ACLU lawyers and those in county, state and especially federal government that are willing to favor an invasion of illegal aliens over my position as an American citizen.

We must define this issue before we confront the enemy. This issue of illegal alien invasion has nothing to do with immigration. Aliens who have not applied to our federal government for immigration status but who see fit to sneak across our borders are alien invaders, not immigrants. They have been well briefed by their native countries to take advantage of every entitlement we have to offer plus some entitlements that American citizens are not able to qualify for.

The following are the ten worst provisions of the Kennedy-McCain immigration bill (S.2611):

1. Grants amnesty to millions (nobody really knows how many millions) of illegal aliens living in the U.S.

2. Grants amnesty to family members of illegal aliens who live outside the country.

3. Admits hundreds of thousands of unskilled "guest workers" through a new guest worker program and gives them a direct path to legal permanent residence and citizenship.

4. Admits 1.5 million agricultural guest workers with a direct path to legal permanent residence status and citizenship.

5. Increases the number of employment-based immigrants admitted to the U.S. each year by more than 400 percent.

6. Gives the Department of Homeland Security the discretion to waive fines for employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

7. Allows states to give illegal aliens in-state tuition benefits that they can deny to citizens who live in other states.

8. Requires consultation with the Mexican government before construction of fencing along the border.

9. Creates new foreign student visa programs with a direct path to legal permanent residence status and citizenship.

10. Allows illegal aliens to claim Social Security benefits for work performed illegally.

If the above does not make every sovereign American citizen seethe with righteous anger it signals the end of our culture and the end of the republic of the United States of America.

I attended a meeting recently held in the Bridgehampton National Bank and sponsored by OLA (Organizacion Latino Americana) where East Hampton Town Councilwoman Ms. D. Foster was sent to represent the interests of East Hampton Town citizens. I agreed with Ms. Foster when she told OLA that, by law, illegal aliens could not be included in consideration for government sponsored housing.

However it was quite obvious that her body language in the way she clutched the mike, the submissive quaver in her voice and her near capitulation to tears sent a message to everyone at that meeting that she personally did not agree with the law and that she was delivering a concealed apology to OLA for not being able to include illegal aliens in government sponsored housing.

In addition to the above suspect performance by Ms. Foster she accused some of us at the meeting of being racist for our refusal to accept illegal aliens and then mentioned that she did not like the term "alien,' which, of course, is the legal term used in Federal Law. I submit to The Independent reader that Ms. Foster is not operating in the best interests of the citizen taxpayers of East Hampton and that if it is possible she will find a way to include illegal aliens in taxpayer funded housing.

I demand that any government sponsored housing must be set aside for American citizens-not illegal aliens.

I demand that our municipalities demand our senators, representatives to the House and President George W. Bush enforce existing laws regarding employer sanctions, depriving illegal aliens of entitlements and securing our borders immediately! Only these actions will save us from the invasion of illegal aliens.

Remember: Liberty, Freedom and the Bill of Rights. Question Authority-Always.

July 25, 2006


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