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Insane Policies

To Sir Morfi,

"There is no such thing as an honest politician!!!" Emillano Zapata. What Mr. Zapata came to realize is that to keep an honest government, you must devise ways of maintaining honesty in the collective body politic.

Brazil is a shining example of their body politic gone dishonest. In 1946, Brazil had a healthy middle and lower classes due to a robust economy that evolved through the earlier 50 years; the cruzeiro traded even with the U.S. dollar. Around 1949 thru 1962 the Brazilian government decided to allow international agricultural corporations to exploit the inner jungle areas. They did with rapacious ferocity and devastating ecological disasters.

These corporations, instead of employing the local Brazilians, decided to bring African slaves via covert cargo aircrafts flights. Eventually, the lack of employment opportunities for local Brazilians on these projects created an economic recession challenging Brazil's stability. What did the Brazilian politicians do? Well they borrowed money from foreign banks and started to build the ill-advised new capital city of Brazilia in the middle of the jungle. The economic disaster that ensued from this project destroyed the cruzeiro and the middle and lower classes with it, creating an ultra rich class running everything and the ultra poor that became the servant classes. No middle class!! It would take 15 million 1946 cruzeiros to buy a single U.S. dollar now.

I lived in Brazil for 120 days in 1968 for Moore-McCormick Lines in Rio De Janeiro as a technical consultant. After spending an afternoon time at a local pub, I went to relieve myself at their facilities. A Brazilian used a stall on the other side and cleansed himself with a handful of 20 cruzeiro notes making the statement that the cruzeiro notes were only good as a**wipe! The Brazilian populace can be observed in the urban centers, on one side you will see fabulous fortress gilded palaces protected by private armies and on the other side of the urban centers hovels of used construction materials housing the servant poor classes.

We are entering a similar situation like Brazil encountered with the ill-fated project of Brazilia. The integrity of our dollar is stretched too thin. OPEC is planning to replace the U.S. dollar with the euro, making purchases of foreign oil more expensive. The illegal alien invaders on our lands have caused economic havoc with local communities and their finances.

To meet these challenges, our political leaders are planning to sell out our American heritage as the Brazilian ruling class did theirs to buy immediate political peace. Giving illegal alien invaders amnesty will grant them more rights that Native Americans with the bull***t affirmative actions and insane politically correct policies. We must stop the stealth sellout of our American sovereignty by our dishonest political leaders. Zapata's message is very important to our present state of the nation. Enforcement of Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, the security of our borders, is paramount with the deportation of all illegal alien invaders in our community. What has our own leadership accomplished to remove the illegal invaders from our community? Nothing!!

July 25, 2006

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