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Rudy the Hero?

Dear East Hampton Independent Editor,

Rudy Giuliani, the prior New York City Mayor. He has become some sort of a "hero" because he happened to be the mayor when a group of terrorists flew two hijacked American passenger planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. What in the world did he do which the mayor of any major (or minor) city should and would not do?! I don't recall his dashing into the rubble to extricate those trapped inside or administering first aid to the injured; nothing so direct and/or dangerous. He did, however, walk heroically through the streets stating that we are a great city and that we would overcome. Did we really need him to tell us what every New Yorker already knew?! His personal chest beating hoopla was only trumped by the Bush photo-op megaphone performance on the ruins of the crumbled towers, days after he stopped running away from the danger and finally visited the site.

An example of bravery is when Republican patrician Mayor Lindsey, a real "Compassionate Republican" in the mid 60s walked through dangerous black Brooklyn areas as well as equally dangerous Harlem during the frightening riots when white people were being singled out to [be] injured or killed by our enraged blacks feeling disenfranchised. Thereafter, seeing the hypocrisy of the Republican Party, Lindsey became an Independent in 1969 and finally in 1972, a Democrat. His actions as mayor of NYC took guts, not bravado.

We now see what many had already known, that Giuliani's administration was so poorly administered that it ran NYC's debt to the ground. Aside from the debt that this "hero" incurred upon our city, his police commissioner Kerik, extremely close friend and confidant, was totally corrupt and stealing by using his position to award and/or influence NYC contracts. But somehow Giuliani didn't notice; really?! Either he did not notice, was complicit, or was more concerned with his "Crime Fighter Guy" persona and future prospects as a presidential candidate than doing his job. Thank goodness that Republican Mayor Bloomberg is here to fix his mess without the need for self promotion. He doesn't need the promo-photo-ops. Ex-police commissioner Kerik is a proven and confessed crook. This is the same crook that Giuliani bolstered and Bush championed to fill the position of heading Homeland Security. So much for the judgment of these two brainchilds (brainchildren). Their idea about honesty has an interpretation exclusive to themselves. Let us hope that they will not have the opportunity to install their standard of truth by which our country is to be judged.

July 25, 2006

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