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Latino Gangs

To Sr. Morfi,

"Only in America. Only in America can you raise a rodent to a deity." . . . Newton Minnow. What Mr. Minnow meant is the ability to sell to the American public any preposterous idea with an attractive package and the use of the modern information and communications technologies.

Our patrician class is busily selling amnesty for the hordes of illegal alien invaders in our country to the American public by employing the same principles outlined by Mr. Minnow.

Their effort for a short term gain of cheap labor will eventually cost the American public dearly in the loss of American sovereignty in the long term. These illegal alien invaders will not conduct themselves in a manner congruent to the American way of life. A severe loss of quality of life will ensue and losses to our freedom with amnesty. These invaders have given us notice that they will not obey our laws. After interviewing five of the illegal aliens, they told me with great pride that "entramos a la izquierda!!"[we sneaked in]. With this attitude is it any wonder that the majority of the incarcerated population in our correctional institutions are by these invaders with disposition to violate our laws. Drug lords rely on the ease of illegal alien invaders to cross our border to carry their "product". The Latino gangs are gaining organizational momentum in our town.

We are paying for this "One World Order" of the Bushes with oppressive tax burdens on our properties and the necessities of life. This invasion by illegal aliens is a federal matter, not a local one. Our town leaders should bring this problem to President Bush for a program that will result in the deportation of the illegal alien invaders now.

Our patricians continue to follow the propaganda trail of trying to sell to the American public the absurdity of amnesty for these illegal invaders as they sold "Mickey Mouse." If our patricians succeed, our sovereignty will cease to exist and the American public will be become a servant class. Take a close look at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and say to yourselves, with amnesty "that will be us 20 years from now!!"

July 18, 2006

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