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The Enemy Within

Dear Editor,

I submit that the dangerous leaks that are being thrown to the New York Times and liberal news media in general are coming from one or more of the Democratic congressmen, who sit on intelligence committees. They are probably also assisted by CIA people who are liberal holdovers from the Clinton administration. I no longer trust any Democratic politician with national security as opposed to their political ambitions to unseat Republicans and to defeat us in Iraq. I once did believe Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Harold Ford of Tennessee could be trusted, but now I see how much pressure can be applied to them by the Democratic Party.

It's really sad for our country to try to fight a war while struggling with this "enemy within," an enemy that is costing the lives of our best and brightest our military people. The Democratic Party, because of its control by the anti-America left wing, is now a threat to the security of the United States.

July 18, 2006

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