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Band Of Bandits

Editor of the East Hampton Independent,

The sorry state of our country. It was a disappointment of course in '00 to see an unqualified candidate such as G.W. Bush be handed the presidency of the U.S. by the unprecedented intervention of the Supreme Court especially after his opponent Al Gore had garnered so many more thousands of votes than he. The interaction of Bush's brother and Governor of Florida Jeb, together with the machinations of their Secretary of State Katherine Harris strove so relentlessly to manipulate the vote count that their maneuvers were almost impossible to follow. But that was then and this is now and we have all come to witness the disastrous results from that election . . . or rather selection.

The only consolation at the time, if that is the appropriate word, was that Cheney, an experienced veteran of politics would be there to back up the dolt. Be careful what you wish for. Little did we know that Cheney would in fact be the President, nor did we anticipate that he would expose himself as the Dr. Evil he had always been. We have now come to see that he, together with David Addington his lawyer, Chief of Staff, Assistant for National Security Affairs, and general advisor of 15 years, run the White house. Mr. Addington is in fact Cheney's long time legal manipulator and actually penned the torture memo which was obediently ratified by puppet Attorney General Gonzalez, who was selected by Bush. Gonzalez is as unqualified for his position as is Bush himself. Great credentials!

Karl Rove must be proud of this band of bandits he has assembled. His success is our country's failure.

July 18, 2006

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