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An Open Letter to the Residents of Eastern Long Island,

You now have to voice your concerns, your fears and your opinions on the most important issues in our area. The issue is illegal aliens that have invaded our towns, villages and hamlets along with our schools and medical facilities. I call the issue invasion. These are the facts: the population of our country in 2000 was approximately 273 million people and this year, 2006, will see that number rise to 300 million, possibly by October 2006. In less than 6 years, this is an increase of 27 million people, with the majority being Latino and for the most part illegal.

Why continue to turn a blind eye to this problem? You should never be too busy to help your country combat this huge problem. There are not enough excuses left for you not to pick up the phone, send an e-mail or a fax to your local mayors, supervisors, code enforcement, state and federal representatives. Some local politicians have taken notice of one problem, illegal housing. If you suspect there is illegal housing in your neighborhood, call your law enforcement officials and demand action.

Do not take the position of a "do nothing" citizen. It is your duty as an American citizen or legal immigrant to stand up and deliver a powerful message. Seeing overflowing cesspools, 10 cars in the driveway, a constant flow of human traffic from these houses and not reporting them will only bring more of their substandard living conditions to our once beautiful neighborhoods. The action taken at 57 Peconic Road in Hampton Bays is a perfect example of what can be done to rid our area of such deprivation. Supervisor Heaney deserves a round of applause for taking action against this property.

The landlord, Berta Aquino-Perez, was living in luxury in one part of the house while her illegal tenants lived in squalor in the basement and garage. This showed how greed and indifference to her own people is how illegal landlords conduct business. I, for one, am proud to say the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. were part of the operation that closed down this house and we will continue to report illegal houses to our local authorities. Help bring back our streets and neighborhoods to their past peaceful beauty. Report any suspected illegal activity to your local authorities, which are unfortunately terribly understaffed and under funded. You can make a difference. It is not a question of what race or ethnic background the people who occupy these illegal houses are; it is a matter of safety issues and quality of life.

East Hampton Town Supervisor McGintee has to be applauded also for his work in closing down an illegal Latino brothel in East Hampton, along with putting six more illegal houses on notice for non-compliance. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. is doing their part in fighting for our way of life, your way of life and our children's future. If we do not stop this cultural-economic invasion now, we will have bars on our windows and be fearing the next drive-by shooting. I pray you will support this effort to protect our culture, our jobs, our values and our communities.

As always, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. will continue to report illegal activities to law enforcement. To remind people once again, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. does not discriminate against just one group of illegal aliens. Our organization, nationwide, is 10% Latino with the remainder being legal immigrants from 12 different countries and American born citizens, from all walks of life. We will always work within the law for the enforcement of the law!

New York State Political Liaison and East End Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

July 11, 2006

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