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The Law of the Machete

To Sr. Morfi,

From the halls of government, From the palaces of justice, From the pulpits of churches, from the ivory towers of academia, The 17th, 18th and 19th century Patricians promoted the morality of bringing into our Continent hapless Africans to "do the work white men will not do!", as their claim to hide in plain sight the hideous institution of slavery. The real reason was greed and cheap labor.

Today our Patricians are promoting employment of illegal alien invaders with the same propaganda for the same greedy reason of cheap labor. The practice for short-term economic gain by African slave labor had an eventual long-term cultural cost as the Civil War proved. Will we have a second Civil War for the long term cost with the present illegal aliens invaders in the future? A free society requires strong middle & lower classes to survive and buffer all challenges from nature or cultural. The storm of '38 is an excellent example how our town came together as a family and recovered from the ravages of the storm with minimal outside help. Today, there are not many Bonackers around. They were loyal East Hampton town people. We are now in the beginning of a 40-year storm cycle pattern generating more category 5 hurricanes. If one of these hits this area it is my prediction that the New York City carpetbaggers in our town will act like "Borneo Cargo Cultist," expecting FEMA to come to their rescue with a fleet of Cargo 747 and Chinook Helicopters, open their cargo doors and disgorge the electric generators to run their electric exhilarators, fuel and parts for their Mercedes & Volvos, supplies for Starbucks for their "Lattes," steaks and Maine lobsters for Bobby Van's and hordes of stress counselors. It's not going to happen.

Take note; 1) All that comes out here is on rubber. 2) When you come out here, you have to cross one of the Shinnecock Canal Bridges. If these bridges suffer severe storm damage, 14 days may be required to effect repairs. In the meantime, desperation will set in here. The illegal alien invaders will secure their needs by "Law Of The Machete" if necessary. They have no loyalty to our town. Another cost to the "diversity" of illegal alien invaders in our midst is the plethora of microbes they carry and we have no or little immunity defenses. All these diseases that were once eliminated from our shores are coming back with the illegal alien invaders. If any of them sneezes near you in a public place, take cover!!

The end result we will be impoverished as a Third World Nation. The only people that can afford to live here will be drug dealers and lawyers. These are the costs our greedy Patrician class wants to hide from you. We need desperately to secure our borders now!! Call Tim Bishop's office and remind that phony he works for us!!

July 11, 2006

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