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Dirty Dubya

Dear E.H. Indy Letters Editor,

Re: Mr. Clifton Black's 6/27/06 letter. The 1,400 miles of the pacific northwest of Hawaii as a national monument was indeed a shockingly globe friendly gesture on the part of this president and should be applauded. Rarely if ever, do we have that opportunity.

But now Mr. Hyde is back as Dirty Dubya. His attempt to nearly double President Clinton's limit on the snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, as well as the connecting John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, from 493 to 780 per day, however, was halted and the original ban [was] reinstated by Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan. Thank goodness there are still some eco-minded parties existing that can slow his raping of the ecology.

As for Mr. Black's suggestion that there might be the remote possibility that Bush recognizes that global warming is real and must receive serious attention, you never know. He may once again revert to the Dr. Jekyll of the 1,400 mile national monument. Think about it. Granted the oil, coal, lumber, etc. industries have this administration in their wallet pocket, but that singular sign of awareness as to the importance of the environment was encouraging. He may now reinstate alternate energy incentives, enforce pollution emissions from power plants, mandate greater gas mileage on all vehicles including trucks, control the outrageous unprecedented profits of the oil industry at the consumer's expense . . . what exciting thoughts! Perhaps the environment is on a roll. Nah!

July 05, 2006

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