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Housing At EPCAL

Dear Rick,

After reading articles in local papers regarding housing at EPCAL, I am almost astonished that the idea is even contemplated. Three of our town council people were firmly against any and all private housing at the site. Two recently ran on the "no housing at EPCAL" platform and were elected. I attended all the debates, listened attentively and took notes. Barbara Blass and John Dunleavy were absolutely against any housing development, and Ed Densieski was always against housing. So my question is, if we have three council persons who were totally against housing there should be no discussion, no deals, no inquires even taking place regarding a housing development. True to form, Cardinale may want to make a deal with a big bucks developer, but he can't do it if he does not have the votes.

Hopefully, our newly elected council will stand firm and live up to their campaign promises to the residents of Riverhead and not be swayed less than six months into their terms.

Any change of zoning, any hint of a housing development should be put up for a referendum for all the Riverhead residents to vote on. This matter should never be left to a few to decide the fate of our industrial park. Housing would be a sell out to our residents who are all looking at EPCAL for tax relief via business and industrial uses. The 90 million sales price is not a quick fix for the woes of the town. The 90 million may bail out the dump-landfill situation but do nothing for the future of EPCAL

And, while I'm at it another messy situation is going on. Riverhead has always been a "1st class town" it surely does not need one lonely tax assessor appointed by a supervisor to make it so. I like elections, not appointments, this way we residents get a chance to vote and not have things jammed down our throats on a supervisor's whim.

So, if you get a chance, please call town hall and voice your opinion. Call your council people and let them know what you want after all, this is your town and your future.

June 27, 2006

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