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Latino Gangs

Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of the Town of East Hampton since April '62, when I accepted employment with the Friendly Aviation Administration (FAA) at the Montauk AFS as Electronics Engineer on the /FPS-35 Radar Tower Project.

I fell in love with this Demi-Paradise named East Hampton. The Memorial Day parade of '62 displayed the tranquil nature of the Town. The entire East Hampton Police Department paraded ALL 4 COPS!!

To my dismay, by the end of the '60s, East Hampton was invaded by waves of New York City Liberals. They abandoned the city that they set ablaze. Like a plague of Gypsy Moths, these Liberal invaders have stripped away the once placid/tranquil canopy we enjoyed. The Memorial Day Parade of '67 showed over 100 cops parading. Our community was turned from a peaceful Conservative Community, into a Soviet Style Gulag we now endure.

With these Liberals, waves of unhappiness permeated our Environment and Community through the years with regulation upon regulations, stripping us of our freedoms, traditions and tranquility we enjoyed. This encouraged old resident families to leave our/their beloved Town in order to maintain their dignity.

As of recent, we do not have a resident Race Merchant. But because the self-flagellation nature of Liberals, we are now creating a "Race Merchant Vacancy." Enter Mr. A. Ortiz. Mr. Ortiz has high hopes of becoming East Hampton resident "Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson." Mr. Ortiz's has contributed many articles in the local papers. Whenever a position he has taken is exposed as baseless, out comes the Race Card.

Of course, our brave warriors we have trusted in our local Government and Community to protect us, worship at the Temple of Political Correctness and cave in to Mr. Ortiz. Ergo, WHATEVER THE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZES OR GIVES INTO, YOU GET MORE OF!!!

I was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Yes, I am a "Cangrejo Bonacker." My first and only contact with racism in our Town was in the summer of '69. I was temporarily filling in as Dock Master at 3 Mile Marina for my friend, the owner. The fresh water pump failed and I loaded 2 jerry cans in my vehicle to obtain fresh water from the Town Docks where I was arrested by Officers Ferro and St. George. Having a Hispanic name was the cause. I properly tried to identify myself to these officers, and inform them that I hold TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE; I am an ex-Military Officer. They were not interested.

I was released the following day. The next publication of the East Hampton Star, Mr. RATtray the elder, without interviewing me, did a hatchet job on my character. There is deep racism in the RATtray genes

Two weeks later, I was cleared of all charges and a week later, Officers Ferro and St. George were both arrested for looting Stewarts Sea-Food Warehouse.

Racism is not in the East Hampton Character and WE DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE THIS TO ANYONE!!! Racial preferences of ANY kind should be equally rejected as racism. This is the "Race Card" employed by the Race Merchants.

HEY- MCGINTEE!! Go to a local Clinic and get a shot of "Y" chromosomes and grow some "Cojones" and reject/eject all efforts by the Race Merchants you Liberals keep attracting to our Town.

The Illegal Alien Invasion of our Town has been brought by the failure of our President, Congress and a conspiracy by local Liberals. We demand their deportation and SECURITY OF OUR BORDERS NOW, under Article 4/ Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. McGintee, you and Tim Bishop are supposed to be representing/defending/protecting our interests. Tell Washington what our needs are. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!! WE ARE ALL TIRED OF EATING WASHINGTON'S POLITICAL SHIT SANDWICH!!!

There are now signs of Latino gangs forming in our town. The Political Correct Policies in our Town will continue to fuel these social phenomenons and will eventually turn East Hampton into another conflict urban area like New York City and Los Angeles. THE LATINO GANGS ARE COMING!!!

June 27, 2006

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