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Incredibly Stupid

Dear Editor,

Once again, I will try to raise the necessary alarm, yes alarm, about a real snake (yes) who is supposed to be representing the people that elected him to office (me not included).

Years ago, I warned people about a quote from Tim Bishop in O.L.A., a Hispanic activist organization's newsletter. I suppose he thought gringos wouldn't be reading it, and he could make unfettered campaign promises to illegal aliens (read potential voters).

Mr. Bishop promised he would help "undocumented workers" come and stay in our country. He also boasted about co-sponsoring the "Rainbow Bill" (sounds nice, doesn't it).

This Bill proposed that any illegal child under 13 that has lived here for five years or more should get citizenship and money toward higher education (you know, just like your kids got).

Of course, Tim refused to acknowledge this in my public letters.

This from a politician who just sent a flyer with this quote, "simply put we need to take control over our borders." Then he goes on to list all the measures he's taken to stop illegals, blah blah blah.

Simultaneously, he is secretly doing what he can to help "undocumented workers" come here and register as voters (a new voter base).

Tim Bishop cannot be trusted. The proof: He casually slips in that we could never remove 12 million illegals so we should offer a "path to citizenship" (read Amnesty). Oh but there'll be fines!

If they won't deport them, they haven't deported them, why do we believe they will follow through on "fines?"

With their philosophy they can make any feel good law they want, but it's useless if they refuse to enforce it.

The simplest, cost effective way the country and the East End can rid themselves of illegals is: huge fines. For anyone who hires them and anyone who rents to them. Then put the money back into the program.

With no work and no place to live, the East End won't look quite so inviting. Obviously, if no politicians or law enforcement have the will or the voters to enforce it, nothing will work. Unless the people rise up. Hence his newsletters.

Don't give us the racist line or this country was built on immigrants' jive. Anyone who uses that is incredibly stupid or thinks we are.

Both parties are guilty of this, but Tim is just such a blatant hypocrite. Evidently those at his last meeting are aware of this. Now you are.

Tim will lay on the buzz phrases profusely, but make no mistake he has a secret agenda for amnesty. Think of all the families that will suddenly join the now "legals."

Lets stop Mr. Bishop, let him know no "path to citizenship." Leave first.

June 27, 2006

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