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"If your point is Bush isn't a national embarrassment, we don't think anyone is buying."

The arrogance, stupidity, factual ignorance, inability to comprehend geopolitics, and general all-round assholedness of that simple statement, almost makes me not want to write this because it will be lost on you. But alas, it's late and I'm beyond bored.

Let's start simply. You printed the first line in this letter as an answer to a letter in the June 14 edition.

Aside from the obvious well, obvious to those of us who have actually paid something back to our country it was Flag Day, something I didn't notice mentioned in the Indy TW. (I'm quite willing to admit if I'm wrong on that.)

As important, however, it was the 21st anniversary of the death of a young guy named Robert Stethem. You remember him. He was the Navy diver not a SEAL, not special ops, a working diver who some scumbag Shi'ite sheep screwers (and they were Shi'ites) beat nearly to death, shot in the head and then dumped his body on the tarmac of Beirut airport. Had we only gone out and hunted those dogs down like the Israelis did with the Munich murderers, perhaps things might be a tad different today.

Of course we would have had to deal with the liberal outcry of no more Vietnams had we hunted those curs down at that time. Which brings up another point liberals are always moaning about.

Vietnam reality: killing Islamic terrorists is different than killing Viet Minh/Cong. It was for the Chinese, Japanese, English, French and us. The Viets with an exception now and then fought for their country. The majority of Islamic terrorists are imports. No relationships between the two wars.

Let's see. New Orleans. George's mismanagement. Yeah, right. While the right was decrying the responsibility inherent in building your home below sea level (and let's not even mention oceanfront homes the rest of New York taxpayers have to pay for in sand replenishment) and questioning the misuse of taxpayer paid-for credit cards, we were being called neocons and racists.

Doh! A billion later golly gee. And these "poor" thieves re-elected an incompetent only exceeded by a crackhead named Marion Barry. Lov-er-ly. But, yeah, that was all George's fault, and I'm a racist. You know what you can kiss.

Then there's the war. Okay, here's the only way I can explain this. You're, oh, say 28-years old. You now have 10 seconds to decide whether to burn to death or leap from a 1000-foot tall building. Your call.

That's why we're killing Islamic terrorists and we can't possibly kill too many.

(An aside. My use of "Islamic" and "terrorist" is quite intentional, and not a slur. Unlike The New York Times and every other rag of its ilk, their religion is Islam, they are Muslims and they want to kill non-Muslims. Terrorism is a tactic, like frontal charges, ambushes, barrages, etc. World War II wasn't the "war against kamikazes" or the "war against Messerchmitts." It was the war against the Axis Powers. The Cold War, when hot, wasn't a "war against Mig 27s." it was a "war against communism." Our war is a "war against Islam" which as its own followers understand it wants us dead. Don't lose sight of that fact.

Gas/Pollution/The end of the world. All George's fault. Why aren't we real worried about Mogadishu? Because they don't have any damn oil. What part of that is hard to understand?

If gas is such a problem why aren't we letting oil companies drill in the Green River Formation, the Gulf of Mexico or the 1/10th of one percent of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge that has oil? What's that? Must be George's fault.

Did you trade your car in for a bike? Sell the boat? Let a ferry into town to help with CO2 output? Let your neighbor build a windmill? No? Then shut up.

And please spare me the comic book-Al Gore-science liberals subscribe to. Stop it; you're embarrassing real scientists. (Do some research. Real scientists are using An Inconvenient Truth to teach budding scientists how not to prove a point. And if you think I'm kidding, ask someone who really is a scientist.)

What else is George's fault? Oh yeah, the economy. Despite every attempt by the media to headline sink the economy, housing, salaries, employment, the Market (which is more deserving of a capital M than muslim is) it consistently refuses to follow suit. Geez, how about that? Anybody out there gotten poor lately?

I could obviously go on, but you people won't stop blaming George until we get another Arkansas pedophile or Massachusetts substance abuser/murderer in the White House.

I guess that'll be George's fault as well.

National embarrassment? Journalists who can't put objectivity before a point of view are embarrassments. And I'm a big believer in editorial page repartee.

Humor is always better when it is based in reality. That comment wasn't.

Editor's Note: Your "Right Is Might" philosophy has made America the most hated country in the world. Your logic is it's OK to invade and bomb innocent civilians and kill thousands of our own kids for some philosophical good beyond the obvious greed and this administration's willingness to do the bidding of a few arrogant money mongerers. What's worse is the tired litany that it is an anathema to talk about saving lives, that Flag Day somehow means OK, let's send MORE of our boys to death for no good reason, that somehow that death on the tarmac was "terrorism," but leveling villages of women and children, gunning down a pregnant woman and torturing hundreds of prisoners is fighting the "War on Terrorism." Sadly, those who want so much to torture and kill inevitably display the bigoted and racial hatred inbred in people who have no respect for those of different colors and creed. It's these very Ugly Americans who make us a target. Over 2,000 American kids sent to that godforsaken place to die, tens of thousands maimed, and perhaps many more than that stricken with war-related cancers the government won't even acknowledge that's your Duh-bya's legacy.

June 20, 2006

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