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Disturbed And Damaged


Many times throughout childhood I was called "white trash." Not my fault! Looking back, putting myself in the mind and frame of my abuser, I can see how they might consider the term appropriate. I was (still am) white and according to some adults they mimicked, discardable and thus, trash! Usually an angry child/classmate was the hurler of insults so much damage was done. Due to this type of abuse I spent of my youth feeling isolated, alone and less than. . .

They had obviously picked the term up from a parents' example. Recognizing the anger release and damage they could inflict, they used the same as an expression of their own lack of self-esteem, control or feelings of [in]security. I get it! What I don't get is an adult professing frustration and indignation over incidents of bigotry, turning the same hurtful weapon on children no better or worse than her own.

I was a good kid. I was kind and helpful; bright and hopeful. I suffered greatly at the hands of this kind of cruel bigotry. Many children in my neighborhood, in my age group, killed themselves before reaching their mid-twenties. Others did damage to those around them. Many simply faded away. So many in such a small town in such a small period of time! I often felt the cause was Temic and DDT in the wells at the edge of the Amagansett potato fields. A study must be done, thought I. I am now able to look at the attitudes, behaviors and abuses of the adults around us and how we were disturbed and damaged by the same. Look around, open your eyes and hearts. Perhaps the children Caroline Geiss refers to as "white trash" in her rancid spew to your letters column, should be looked at not only as their crimes dictate but as human beings exhibiting symptoms of something deeper. Children are never trash! Adults calling them such, well. . .maybe!

Rick, I would like to personally thank all those "white trash," "Hollywood People" types who helped send this ragaholic suburbanite bigot packing back to the civility and worldy compassion of Nassau County.

June 06, 2006

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