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Shining Path?

To the Editor,

A Jaguar in the Hamptons. No, not the four-wheeled kind found at the Hampton Road dealership. This jaguar has sharp claws and fangs of a social/financial nature; it is the undocumented, illegal Latino day worker. He represents the most expensive cheap help this area has ever experienced. Should all these non-legals be sent back to their countries of origin? Yes, tomorrow morning on the first plane out. If this is a nation of law, then the current laws must be enforced and observed. True, America is a nation of immigrants. There are no native peoples, we all arrived at different times. These blessed shores were not those of Eden's Garden. More over, we are not a melting pot. Homogenized, yes, but it is errant nonsense to say we have been smelted into one U.S. mold. Generally, we do not get along well and work for the common wealth.

It is grossly unfair and demeaning to those who have lost their village to a mudslide or some other dire economic impetus to find themselves in a Marlon Brando On The Waterfront job hunting shape up at the Southampton 7-Eleven. How do they survive in the winter? Many go home, they do not like us. Slavery by the dollar stinks; it always rebounds against the master. The moment an undocumented worker steps on your property, you are civilly and criminally liable. A lawyer can sue for the injured, maimed, or killed worker. He will start with the landscaper/contractor, but who has the deepest pockets? You do. Will the loss of these peon workers ruin the landscaper/contractor? Doubtful what matter, it will wipe out everything.

The lack of English limits the ability to follow and understand oral orders, not to mention written directions on power tools.

My innocence evaporated in the dentist's chair. "Latinos have such great teeth, wonderful, white smiles." The local painless Parker tooth puller rejoined, "Sure, but at 30 the total lack of dental care means decay and toothless."

This is a harsh, difficult area that is already inexorably squeezing its educated, hard-working, middle-income families out.

It should not be a surprise when today's smiling, subservient, Latino becomes tomorrow's "Shining Path," an angry, sharp-clawed, long-fanged jaguar.

May 30, 2006

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